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  1. Deepweed

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    My first deck over 1800, it peaked at rank 1. Notable is that it is a 2 wiz 1 war deck, which is considered "legendary" in rarity.

    The concept is simple: a high-damage warrior protects a fire wizard and an illusion + punishing wizard. Illusion guards against rushing team moves, wizards, and long-range priests. It also denies Bless. Punishing Bolt defeats card-stacking teams and teams with excessive draw. Fire defeats clumped groups, attachment-based characters, hit-and-run characters, and excessive healing. The warrior has very high damage which is amplified by attachments.

    Fire Wizard


    Arcane Wizard



    Playing difficulty rating: 8.5/10. This deck is challenging to play as the control and movement cards are extremely limited. Moves must be made perfectly and barriers placed ideally. Games are often won in skirmishes where all three characters take hits.

    Rarity rating: 4/5. Fire and barrier are Rare cards so there are many irreplaceable items. The warrior is relatively light on rare items, though.

    Notable items:
    Pendant Of Artax: Actually surprisingly good as a solo copy, despite the Little Zap. Control is scant so a good fire card and Telekinesis for no token is a good deal.
    Lucky Toughness: In my opinion the new best defensive Racial Skill for wizards. It is better than Solid Rock most of the time.
    Battery: My new default tokenless Arcane Skill. It has no dead cards and provides armor removal.
    Whirling Flail and Brutal Flail: New high-damage options from Castle Mitternacht that synergize very well with attachments on enemies.
  2. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

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  4. j91

    j91 War Monkey

    What about Raging Resilience on the warrior ? your attacks have very high base damage.
  5. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    I'm happy to see you doing well.
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  6. Deepweed

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  7. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    Doesnt seem to have enough control or mobility on the warrior, does this become an issue? Especially in the current rotation.
  8. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    Actually, it isn't much of an issue. He's just such a gigantic threat that you'd rather stay away from him unless you have a ton of blocks, in which case you'd better read the opponent's moves properly. It's actually the reason why I rated this deck as very difficult in the first place. Ember Burst helps a lot with Defender's Block, though.

    People usually dive the wizards and forget about the warrior. This is how they lose, as the wizards are usually tough enough to survive.

    As I suggested above, Vollmond Boots or Hawkwind Moccasins seem to be good replacements to up movement on the warrior. I actually do not think this deck is neat yet as I don't have all the good items.

    Here's an idealized version for the whole team with alternate weapons for the warrior for more reliability but less damage (though in my opinion the current set of weapons works well):
    The version of warrior here is more reliable but less "surprising". I won a lot of games by the sheer quantity of flat damage the warrior had and you'll be losing that by changing the weapons, though you do get more range, penetrating, and armor removal which is a boon to consistency.

    The change of Arcane Items in the fire wizard is a direct improvement as I don't currently have a third Asmod's Telekinetic Chain.

    The change of Arcane Items in the arcane wizard would depend on the current meta. If you see a lot more Vengeance, step attacks, Nimble Strikers, Team Walkers without a terrain wizard or the like, use Pipes Of Hamelin and Phantom Pain. If you see relatively less of those, use Ixtli Amulet and Ring Of Appropriation for consistency. I still recommend having Hypnotic Beacon though as it just ruins people who don't draw Cleansing Ray from St Ulrich's Bones and who don't use wizards.
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  9. MathuranF

    MathuranF Lizardman Priest

    I agree with not needing a Raging Battler on the warrior due to high base damage, but I don't think Raging Resilience is the way to go. Antimagic Skin has an anti synergy with what the build is trying to do, if any of the burned characters hit the armor, poof there goes the attachments. I think maybe a Subterranean Ferocity would be a little more beneficial. But it's hard to go wrong with the battler.

    Also, Howling Pain seems like a decent pairing to The Inquisition to help your warrior get in positions to inquire. (For the idealized build)
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  10. j91

    j91 War Monkey

    I realized it was a terrible idea after seeing the other characters. It even has anti synergy with Inquisitor's Strike.
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