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  1. Hey folks,

    long time no see, I guess. With the shut down of the web-client (that apparently got reactivated. Or not, or whatever, sorry, what a mess!) I got very lazy/unmotivated to drawing my attention to CH again. So, I knew that a new set was coming out but, honestly, I couldn't care much less at this point. But today, I for once tested the new adventures! And oh boy, at least the story telling from our beloved GMs is spot on. I only finished the first adventure today - I thought it would be fun to stretch this out a bit and not finish them all in one go. How often do we get new adventures, after all.

    Regarding the utils: There are four resource files I'm working with, three of them changed with this update. Here is my rough "roadmap" for the near future (whatever "near" here means, I don't know yet when I will be able to work on it, but it's on my list, at least):

    The Equipment-file hasn't changed, so the largest chunk of potential work to test/review/bug-fix is prevented. I will always fear the day that an update to the items crashes everything as so many of my assumptions might be wrong to some extend.
    The Figures-file has changed but the only tool that uses this file is auto-adapting to this file. Unless there are new Races, new Classes, or new Genders (or new fourth color variations) this tool will just plain work. You can still use this tool to see the free skins that came out a while ago and you can already see the gift skins in their full glory even if you haven't played the new adventures yet.
    The Cards-file has changed, but unless I forgot about some aspect, this should be no issue at all. The utils mainly focus on the items, and as all new cards are each on exactly 0 (zero) items, I don't know why the utils should care for this change. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you want to, then just update to the new Cards-file, no more work should be necessary. Even Quick Draw shouldn't have changed with these new cards.
    The biggest problem for me in this update is the new Adventures-file. Not only are there new adventures, but there is a new set of adventures. So, at least the Campaign Badge tool needs some fixes.

    Speaking of updates: For those users that still weren't aware of this, if you use the dev-version of the tools in their sau-variant (the "semi automated update" variant, that caches the resource files locally) ( ;) @Stexe ;) , :D), you should update the resource files now that they actually changed. On Linux machines this should be as simple as invoking the update script in the resource folder. More on that in the README.txt.

    What makes testing not so pleasant at the moment is that I still haven't figured out for me, how to access new account dumps as I run CH in a Win VM while my tool development happens on my bare-metal Linux-machine and the clipboard still isn't shared between the instances. Well, I guess this is my problem. ;)

    So, in short, if you use the tools, perhaps you have to update the resource files now (to see the new figures). Except for the Campaign Badge every tool should work just fine with the new resources (but I will check this when I eventually work on the new version of the utils). But even if more tools than just the Campaign Badge need a fix, I see no reason why any tool should crash with the new resources, so updating the resources shouldn't break the utils. The fix for the Badge tool will come as soon as possible.

    Have fun slaughtering Harpies in the meantime.
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    Awesome stuff. Let me know when you have updates and I can put them up again. I've been busy with Wildermyth and SNKRX, but want to get back into some Card Hunter shortly.
  3. Can't tell how that happened but apparently, I already fixed the Campaign badge. I will not publish it right away, I haven't tested it yet. But here are a few things that came to my mind while working on this:
    • It's really inconvenient that for now the new set came with adventures but not with new items. And that there will - so is my understanding - be no new items themed for this expansion at all. This would have been soo easy to just put out some pirate themed items that just were slight modifications to already existing items. There now is a discrepancy between the two badge tools because one knows of a seventh set but the other doesn't. This will become even more of a hack around if we will get an eighth set at some point that will come with items and adventures. Then we will have this gap in one tool but not the other. We had a similar situation with the third expansion, the Aloyso's Arsenal item set. But back then we could declare the CoC levels as a artificial third adventure expansion set and everything lined up again (can't remember anymore whether that was a change that I did or that neoncat already had, but whatever, it is a thing now at least). I don't want to revert the CoC-feature here just to have them line up by total count especially because that would break all the other sets apart, the AI items would then line up with the CM adventures, the CM items would then line up with the new adventures. That wouldn't be better in any way.
    • I think that it is up to me to "officially" coin the abbreviation/acronym for the new set as I haven't seen anyone else having done this before. So, the new set is called Eastpass Conspiracy as was announced by the Knights. Or now for short EC!! While this is quite straight forward as usual, I wanted to make this explicit because the tools tend to abbreviate those things to save space and in case someone else already defined a differing acronym so that someone can now speak up and I can fix it before releasing it.
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    FWIW internally we were using "EP" :)
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    Weird, I would have called it EPC... but ultimately I don't think it makes that big of a difference.
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    Yeah, it doesn't :)
  7. While I can see why this was a thing as long as the expansion's (working) title was just "Eastpass" and before someone came up with the second part (the "Conspiracy"), I can't really wholeheartedly support this acronym given the final name. It misses something.
    All previous acronyms use one letter per word. Hence, "EPC" (or perhaps more appropriately "EpC") aren't that far off of what I could see working here, "EC" is still the best fit to match the previous expansions.

    But I read these replies as confirmation that there is no official acronym yet and I'm (more or less) free to choose what the utils should use. But right now "EC" is the most promising candidate and it is definitely better than "LS2" or "LSII" or similar that would confuse the community more than necessary, given that the official name doesn't mention Lord Stafford at all (while the first teasers focused more on that specific Lord than on the final name). ;) Let's see where the next days are leading me and on what acronym I will finally end.
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  8. To be completely honest, I'd put this project aside for a few days and then forgot about the new version. So, yeah, I'm a bit late. I hope no-one relied on me being "on time" with this post. If so, sorry for that.

    So, what effectively changed was an additional diamond in the campaign badge (and therefore, the colors of the set diamonds changed, but this isn't new, it's just the first time this gets apparent). Everything else stayed the same and should still work. I'm still not done with all EC modules (I'd put them aside, too, if you get what I mean), so I can't finally say that the new badges can show 100% with all modules selected. But why shouldn't they.

    If you find bugs, please tell me. In contrast to other software you can't really profit from keeping secret about and abusing any existing bugs, anyway.

    As always, the dev version for Stexe and anyone with a working php-environment, the non-dev version is mainly to try this out locally. But by now we have a README that explains this and many other details. So, when in doubt RTFM, and THEN ask if something is still unclear.

    I guess I should just add this to the README, but in case this still isn't obvious to everyone: These archives contain scripts that can - if used incorrectly - damage your system (for example but not necessarily limited to deleting files). Use them at your own risk. I'm not liable for anything that happens when using these tools.

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