True Confessions of a Real Life Bejeweled Elf

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    Today on True confessions we take you on an inside look into being a bejeweled elf. Including an exclusive interview with Elf 1, strengths and weaknesses of the build, and quotes from a bejeweled elf player! ​

    Interviewer(I): So, how did you become a "Bejeweled Elf".

    ELf 1(E1): Well I was down in the tavern and this guy came in recruiting elf warriors to fight in
    the Arena. He was offering 10 gold which, at the time, was a lot.
    I: Tell me a little about the build, what makes it "Bejeweled"?

    E1: There are 2 Bejeweled Shortsword equipped. Hence the name. And then the rest of the
    build focusses on consistency through step attacks and traits.
    I: Wonderful! What is your favorite part of competing in the arena?

    E1: Definitely killing mages. Killing mages or feinting...

    I: Oh feinting, whats that?

    E1: Its when try to trick the opponent into thinking you are going after one character, usually a
    mage, and then spending all of your attacks killing a different character. Its great too when you have Immovable and the opponent doesn't notice, wastes a control spell, then rage quits.
    I: That does sound like fun! What is your least favorite part?

    E1: Baiting, well being the bait that is.

    I: Do go on.

    E1: Often times to draw out a character, or a control spell from a mage one of us will be the bait.
    Its typically either the best armored, carrying the most blocks, has another move, or just does not have many attacks. Ideally the warrior comes down and uses up all his attacks and moves. Then the other 2 elves can get better positions and gain up on a character that has nothing left in hand. Effective, but you don't want to be the bait.
    I: Sounds intense! Well, thank you very much for your time today Elf 1. And. for all you readers
    out there stay tuned for more exciting True Confessions.

    Now if you want to check out the full build itself go to the forum Cult of the Bejeweled by @exythe. Here is a quick synopsis of its strengths and weaknesses.


    Consistency- The number of traits in the deack allow you to cycle through the cards and draw what you need
    Lots of Movement- Everyone knows the the golden rule is "Location, Location, Location". The step attacks let
    you get where you want to be.
    High Damage- Bejeweled Shortsword's pack a massive amount of damage (58) and you can keep drawing the
    7 damage Vicious Thrust over and over and over again with Elven Maneuvers until your opponent is dead or your run out of health.​


    Low HP: Everyone know elves are fragile. Get caught with out armor or blocks and you go down fast.

    No Penetration/Armor Removal: Get up against a tanky 2x Blocking Mace dwarf and victory
    is hard to come by.
    Lack of Support: Those elves are on there own. That means no buffs and no control magic to get them out of a
    mess. It also means that you have to think real hard about what the opponent might do. You have limited ways to react.
    Quotes from a real boy:

    "So its true. I copy pasta the build. What can I say, winning is fun, and I like having fun. Sure there are plenty of haters out there. Cursing @exythe ever time they see 3 elves. But lets face it. Why wouldn't you play bejeweled elves? And, if your build can't beat it. How is that at all my fault? I guess what I am trying to say here is, its good to be a bejeweled elf." - Juxtapostion

    "No I don't plan on changing it up. I have tried mobility dwarves, stab humans and the occasional wiz, but nothing seem to work. Unless @SirSrsly or @dada112 want to
    Seriously, what are your builds...
    their builds, I am not changing."
    - Juxtapostion

    If you are reading this, thank you. You might be wondering why? Why create this thread? There is already a thread for bejeweled elves. Is he stupid? Does he think its still undiscovered? Who does he think he is? Well, mostly, given all the negativity I have seen towards the build I thought it would be fun. And, i wanted to see where the discussion would go. Is Bejeweled really OP? Why are is it not being used more? What builds beat it? Who will respond super negatively to this forum? You know stuff like that. But, in my opinion, straight up asking those questions is boring.
    P.s. -I made those quotes up. I have never said, out loud, in real life, any of the things mentioned above.
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    Hahaha fun.
    3x 2x Bejeweled isn't broken. It's just easy to play. And the EttSC expansion will probably change a few things about major token usage, generally speaking.
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    Cant wait!
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    Way to tease the Cardhuntrian people!
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