Tree Forts of the Goblin King:Light Brigade....I'd charge if I could

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  1. DeathsDesign

    DeathsDesign Kobold

    Ok, this is the next one to get me stumped. I am obviously using the wrong cars. I think I need range attacks, but my ranges for my warrior is two same for my priest.. My mage can do some range but they all have missle/magic block and quick reflex to get them extra attacks. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    Which fight is this?
  3. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    First map of Tree Forts of the Goblin King. I'll edit the topic to make this more obvious - DD, make sure to mention the name of the module next time - helps you get help ;)
  4. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    Just did it since it had been a while and in the first battle the goblins are a bigger threat. Since they can shred armor, parries are the best way to mitigate damage from them. If you don't have any Parrying Bucklers, check the Halloween shop for Black Cat Buckler. Once you've managed to deal with them you just need to run the sparklies down and kill them with melee, they have no armor or melee blocks. If you are having trouble damaging the goblins with your mage you can use lava since terrain attachments can't be blocked. Just wait until the goblins have spent all their moves.
  5. Aldones

    Aldones Ogre

    You've got access to the goblin Bazaar by now, so I'd suggest keeping an eye out for cheap stuff like Crisping Rod. The sparklers or whatever they're called are super annoying but only have a tiny amount of HP, so running them out of moves and then putting them into lava usually felt easier to me than trying to get close enough to physically hit them. They like to play peek-a-boo around trees, but don't seem to panic and run away (as much) if you're staying only within casting range, which actually sometimes helps you to at least maintain line of sight with them. I remember most of their attacks being electrical, so if you can pull your wizard's resistant hide card, just shove him out in front like a lightening rod.
    Firestorming usually just causes every enemy and their mother to play blocks, but I've found that persistent use (two firestorms or more per round) will still break through and get everyone burning. If you want to be smarter than me about it, I suppose bringing something like Bellowing Helm would spare you a lot of pain, but I'm the sort of player who sees combustible appear on his characters and just firestorms anyway like the game dared me to do it or something.
    The goblins have Impaling Stab, if I recall, and that's the only reason they're even vaguely dangerous. Just bear in mind that they'll take advantage of that slight bit of range.
    Winds of war are actually kind of fun to use on the sparklers, too, because if you hit them, you can pull them closer, and if they reflect it back at you, you can just scoot yourself closer instead.
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  6. DeathsDesign

    DeathsDesign Kobold

    Hmmm, well I was able to get all the goblins and it was just my human priest and the three Twilight fans (sparklers) i could not get anywhere near then, i had a couple ranged attacks (2 spaces) but I would move up to them, poof they move away and the zap me because i had no move cards left to get behind cover. maybe just keep passing?

    (Oh and I have never seen more die rolls of 1's and 2's than I have today while I am trying to block. every single time, it's crazy.)

    These sparklers are crazy. I can't get near them. They wipe me out.

    edit again: and how in the heck can these sparklers move if they are already darkened out. I thought that meant they have no more actions. I set my lava and poof, they teleport away.

    edit again again: finally!! Guess what I needed was to start by being dealt a Firestorm. then 3rd round get a resistant hide , then some entangled roots to keep those sparkles contained. sheesh!

    thanks everyone!!!
  7. Aldones

    Aldones Ogre

    Yeah. The first time I went up against them I brought my Spellthwart Shield, feeling all smug and confident with myself. Those blocks just got ignored because of the way sparks are all "hard to block". On that map, it felt to me like my defensive cards were most useful if I tailored my blocks to the goblins and my armor to the sparklers. That usually meant a bunch of parries and reliable mail, since I didn't have any real access to grounding plates.
    Also, you're right in pointing that out, members of a minion group can still move after they've made their attack. This even means they can still hit you in some ways, since some move cards like charge do damage. The roots were a good plan. I usually just don't use them much against them because I get carried away and try and use them before I've removed a sparkler's blocks, and I seem to recall getting that reflected back at me a lot.
  8. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior

    Ugh. This entire module is the bane of my existence.
  9. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I run it with 2War/Priest, and everybody has movement boosts. (Quickness Aura/Energizing Move). Chase them first with whoever has no attacks. When they wind down, move in for the kill. Steps and stabs can help too.
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  10. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior

    Thanks. I've been trying several builds. Can't seem to get past the second battle.
  11. wavy

    wavy Thaumaturge

    I use 3 Elf Vamps, but that may not be much help as it's pretty Legendary/Epic heavy.
  12. Rebel7284

    Rebel7284 Ogre

    Firestorm+Volcano wizard x 1, nimbus priest x1 anything x1 works well enough for me.
  13. Druidmask

    Druidmask Mushroom Warrior

    I beat the module. Thanks for all of your help!
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