The Legend of Dev Diary: The Diary Begins

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Sir Knight, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Hopibear

    Hopibear Mushroom Warrior

    So definatly by picking a certain race you get bonuses like , elves may get better movements.
    I wonder if picking a class will give you as well certain types of bonuses?

    Also characters will get HP , but I am speculating as well by picking a certain class + race that it probably enhance the HP of the character positive or negative.

    It would be very positive in my point of view to have ofcourse some specalisation for characters.
  2. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    I would hope that the choices of class aren't restricted by race - that tired ol' Even Archer / Dwarf Tank / Hobbit Halfling Thief thing. There's a thin line between Archetype and Stereotype.
  3. Hopibear

    Hopibear Mushroom Warrior

    Yayyy another diary is up!

    I definatly want the "Teleport Other" card in my deck ^^.
    Besides there are probably gonna be powerfull cards like this one.. I am wondering how many times you may add powerfull cards into your deck of the same type or maybe they will get restriction like 1/2/3 cards of same type in deck.

  4. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    I'd be willing to bet a chunk of Hit Points on there being a restriction of some sort, but how restrictive will depend on deck size, I'd imagine.
  5. Hopibear

    Hopibear Mushroom Warrior

    Hmm doesn't need to be restrictive depending on deck size. Mostly in TCG you can have a number of certain type of the same card. Strong cards for example can only be added to your deck 1 or 2 times.

    About deck size in TCG they often let the player decide how big theyre deck is. The bigger the deck , the less change you get your special strong card on the other hand you have much more variety.
  6. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    If there's only a small card pool, then the restriction of 'power' cards will be more strict, I think. I don't know if that'll be a 'Highlander' model, i.e. there can be only one of each 'power' card or if there's a limit of 4, for example.

    The deck size in CH is unknown, as are the capabilities for deck manipulation and searching which would have an impact on the use of cards and combos. If I know I can search the deck and pull out 'Stormbringer' or whatever, it doesn't matter that I have an 80 card deck or 40 as I'm not relying on chance to get the cards I want.
  7. SurgeonFish

    SurgeonFish Automaton Moderator Staff Member

    Dont stress out Jon, we love you and how attentive you are at the community, you should let us just speculate until you release more information about the game or have some of your other designers hop on to answer questions.
  8. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Ha! No worries, I like chatting with you guys. I may spend less time here if we ever have to crunch on the game though. Also, hopefully this community will grow which will have the side-effect that I won't be able to personally answer so many of the questions.
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  9. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

  10. Strumiker

    Strumiker Mushroom Warrior

    They should probably trademark: Do Cool Stuff ;)
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  11. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Perhaps, but then they'd also have to trademark "stopping when you move next to an enemy," which is their enlightened alternative to "zone of control."

    So . . . the first module played in this game was an undead-themed one, huh? Can I presume that "Brains!" is a particularly popular card?
  12. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    You'll have to think of a snappier name than "stopping when you move next to an enemy", though. SWYMNTAE doesn't trip off the tongue either, to be fair.

    It does look like the designers are more than fond of ye olde undead:

  13. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Yes, I was remembering this cover while reading the recent diary. It implies, then, that there will be a handful of "undead" adventures, and a handful of "kobold/lizardman/whatever" adventures, and so on, instead of completely unique beasties for each one.

    I'm not surprised, I'm just mentioning. I wonder, then, whether there will be anti-undead cards and the like. You could prep before an adventure with holy water and "turn undead" in that case.
  14. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    Maybe the end battle sets you up with your unique beastie? The big bad is rarely found in the first room - that's not why the DM spent two weeks locked away with 28 pens and £10.00 worth of graph paper... :cool:
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  15. Rising Zan

    Rising Zan Mushroom Warrior

    Y'know, i almost feel sorry for undead now. I mean we seem to be killing them all the time. It's not their fault some necromancer/dark wizard rose them up from the dead to attack adventurer's. Maybe they just want a hug?
  16. Aeryon

    Aeryon Kobold

    Do you guys remember the classic game X-Com:UFO Defense? Every now and then (usually when things were going bad) the morale of one of your crew members would hit rock bottom where they would get scared and panic. When this happened, for one or more turns the player lost control of the unit and during it's turn, the computer a.i. would take over. When this happened, they would either run away, fire randomly or even attack (and sometimes kill) team mates. It was actually a really cool element to the fighting phase and that you didn't really ever know when it would kick in (if ever) added an extra layer of stress and excitement to the battles.

    When I read "Cowardly Card", for some reason I immediately thought of the panic feature in that game. Suppose behind the scenes once every now and then, the game randomly pulls a card and applies it towards a random piece on the board; a hero or monster. These random cards could buff/debuff/distract/etc. the player on their next turn. For example, suppose I have a rogue with whom I have lined up a perfect shot to kill a monster 5 spaces away. My turn comes up and before I can move, I am shown the "Torch Dropped" card; which restricts my line of sight to 1/2 of what is usually is just during that 1 turn. Another idea could be something like before an enemy orc moves, you see he has received the "The Lover's recall" card which buffs him to do 1.5x damage during that 1 turn (thinking of his lover gives him courage... cheezy, I know). How about a panic card a la X-Com, to sending your toon flying into the darkness. I don't know. Just cool little buffs/debuffs which happen randomly to spice things up.

    Am I crazy, or would that be kind of cool?
  17. Higginjoe

    Higginjoe Kobold

    Undead hordes are a common fantasy and RPG trope, so I'm not all that surprised to see they'll be common enemies. I mean, shambling undead can be brought about by so many things. An ambitious necromancer. Cursed ground. Restless spirits. A magical result of a plague. Being slain by a cursed sword, even (or the result of wielding one). With so many ways and options to come back and reap brains, why not put zombies and skeletons everywhere?

    Plus, they're excellent guards for ancient treasure. Don't need to eat or sleep, can wait for eternity for any and all trespassers, scary enough to frighten the feeble-willed, numerous enough to overwhelm the mighty, and they're thin, so you can store more of them in less space. Additionally, they can increase their number for each foolish and unprepared adventurer who comes looking for lootz. :D
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  18. skip_intro

    skip_intro Ogre

    And each one who fails adds one to the horde facing the next foolhardy adventurer.
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  19. Piratecat

    Piratecat Blue Manchu

    That's the problem. They're so needy! You walk downstairs to see who wants to be in the next dungeon, and the next thing you know you've covered in zombie intestines and revenant worms from every single undead that feels insecure or who just wants to be cuddled. And don't even get me started about how this interacts with our workplace harassment policy. Awkward.
  20. Hopibear

    Hopibear Mushroom Warrior

    Hehe maybe we will be surpriced with a nice campaign with hot chicks as enemies?

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