[SUGGESTION] New Expansion - Bejeweled suggestion

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Drakkan, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Bluemage

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    Well, finish the expansion, and you'll be rolling in money! Or at least pizza.
  2. direndai

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    I wouldnt mind if bejeweled would get a nerf to be honest. Probably 3/4 of the decks in the higher elo are of the hulk smash type. It is a good thing that new players can make competitive decks without spending money, but perhaps that can be achieved without putting one op card for them to choose.

    As I can see it its pretty easy to make an anti bejeweled deck, but that probably isnt the goal of the game. If diversity is something we want, then perhaps less 10+ attacks would help.
    I dont know much, being a fairly new player myself, but I admit that if nimbus spammers or volcano decks are frustrating, bejeweled cultists are just plain boring. So its not that i dont want to lose against them, that could be achieved by making anti decks, and in truth they dont really win that much, i just dont want to play against them all the time.
    I mean All The Time!! -.-

    Looking forward to the new items :)
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  3. Bandreus

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    I don't know man. I kind of agree with @direndai's feeling, although I'm not sure the problem lies with the 11dmg attacks. To me, the most frustrating part about playing vs Cult of the Bejeweled is the insane mobility.

    I think committing to a Hulk-Smash kind of build is a perfectly legit strategy. What I think doesn't really make a whole lot of sense is allowing Hulk-Smashers to also be incredibly nimble with tons of moves/steps. To that end, I don't really think the main problem about Bejeweled is the overall damage output, but rather the damage itself coupled with all the step attacks you get along it. This can obviously be further exploited via Elves' top mobiltiy + Elven Maneuvers, which is a key part of the Cult build and not directly related to the weapon itself.

    I.e. this weapon is certainly standing on a fine line between "too good to be true" and "just a great weapon". I think it could be wise trying to first address other aspects making the build so effective, if the devs think action is needed. I.e. Elven Maneuvers probably is a tad too good (duration 3 is crazy good, given what the card does and how cheaply it can be gotten, for instance). Similarly, Sprint, Team! has been known to need a solid nerf since... forever? Generally speaking mobility, not damage-itself, is what decides most games. At least in my experience. Whether or not one can exploit mobility in many different ways is a good thing for CH's balance, I'm not sure about. But I think most players often gets distracted by the big numbers on the attack cards, when the true issues might lie somewhere else entirely.

    In my experience, games where lots of Bejeweled is going on basically boil down to "Did my opponent draw tons of movement in the first/second hand?" If the answer to that question is yes, then I basically need incredibly good a first/second hand in order to survive, cause you generally can't escape the bloodthirsty elves (often enough one or two of them even manage to jump on one of your chars right from round 1).

    I'd like to think one could be relatively safe from immediate aggression during the early game, so that you can plan/adapt your strategy depending on what is your initial draw. Otherwise, games tend to mainly be about who got the better first hand or two, which is what really makes Bejeweled and the associated build that much annoying to most people.
  4. Bluemage

    Bluemage Hydra

    When I've played, eleven maneuvers has win me a couple games almost on its own. Well, with step attacks. But it made most if the low damage attacks, especially spells, more helpful to me than my opponent.
  5. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    I agree that 11 dmg is not too much at all. I'd even say it's the other way around: dwarf warrior benefits more from high damage attacks than elf warrior since when attacking eachother with big attacks, elf will die before utilizing his maneuvers enough.
    And I also agree that it's those Elven Maneuvers that are too good not BSS. EM also got a small hidden buff with our 20 and 17 damage attacks nerfs.
  6. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    EM is probably a tad too strong, yes. We'll see how things shake out with the expansion, and then we'll do more balancing if need be.
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  7. Sir Veza

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    [Necro Alert] Damn. I miss the days when the game was this simple.

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