[SUGGESTION] Creative use of Negative Traits

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by fasthippy, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. fasthippy

    fasthippy Kobold

    I think it might be an interesting idea to give negative traits to heros that fall in a battle to represent injuries. They could be temporary but it would help prevent people from trying to push ahead to fast in the game. Plus it add more character to the characters.

    Bum leg, or patchy eye or....
  2. SurgeonFish

    SurgeonFish Automaton Moderator Staff Member

    Good suggestion. I would say worth a look for single player. Might frustrate some players though
  3. Forduc

    Forduc Orc Soldier

    Considering that characters might die 3-4 times even in successfull adventure, it might get very frustrating very fast.

    But there might be some merit in the idea, as long as it doesn't go overboard.
  4. Sayeth Aether

    Sayeth Aether Mushroom Warrior

    As a part of the campaign, definitely not. But as an interesting challenge or difficulty setting - sure!
  5. fasthippy

    fasthippy Kobold

    I would set it up within a each senerio (single adventure) not in the whole campaign. It would make adventures more epic and add some more abilities to make different interesting adventures. Drag you injured companions to safety and all that.

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