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    This is my first forum post!

    I had some ideas for card effects. I've seen one or two ideas for more cold cards floating around and wanted to post mine.

    Slip -> (Side Effect) When playing this card, Slip (Move 1 randomly and change facing randomly), with Saving Roll. You could also do something like a Minor Slip and a Major Slip, similar to how laser cards work. A failing roll could cause damage to self and Halt.

    Frostbite / Cold Hands -> (Trait or Effect) Take X damage when playing this card (on attack cards), or it could be a handicap and/or do X damage or encumber X per turn for Duration Y

    Snowball -> (Attack) Do X ranged damage, encumber 1, duration 1
    Crushing Snowball Do X ranged crushing damage (think snowballs with rocks inside)
    Explosive Snowball Burst 1, Damage 2

    Freezing Purge - (Assist) A normal purge that remove all cards from target, then adds Encumber 1 or does 2-3 damage

    Black Ice - Terrain effect, burst 1-2. Players Slip 2 when moving onto, off of, or through the terrain

    Electric Socks - (Boots or Armor) Immunity to Encumber effects. 1 electric damage at the beginning of each turn and Saving Roll - Similar items could be Heated Socks/Heated Armor (burning damage) or Heated Gloves/Electric gloves. The idea is to have a way to counter encumber effects.

    On a related note, I think having armor that does penetrating damage (or some other weakening effect besides encumber) to the wearer each turn could be interesting. (Imagine a blazing tunic). Another idea is to have armor that gets weaker each time it is hit. It might start with Armor 3, but after each hit the armor is reduced by 1. After 3 hits it is discarded. It could be like Force Field, but instead of blocking all damage it only blocks some and gets weaker.
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