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    Here's some of my scenario's that are beginning to work, but could use some fine-tuning. Any input is appreciated.
    *Edit* Three-man job-c is the latest (and best) version. There are no Victory Points awarded for killing characters, only getting on the Victory Square will get you stars. Also Chef Garcotto can only attack once per round. I have a pretty consistant way of beating it, but it's not guaranteed. Think this is ok for Mauve Manticore, or should I make it easier?

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    Chef Ramses left for the night, but he's left a list of chores for you to do.
    *clear out the cellar pantry.
    *chop up Argolex's food.
    * make sure that lower basement hatch is still locked tight.
    *don't let anybody near the money chest.

    Gargotto is exhausted from a long shift and is about to go home. As you're about to get started on your shift as a nightguard, a group of jolly youths shows up looking for a midnight snack.
    You shrug as you mutter. "Great night for James to call in sick."

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    * Note: Chef Garcotto is so tired, he can only act once per round!

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