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    I think, for the first time someone helped me in registering reviews? I don't know who, but anyway, thanks.
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    Scatter Laser
    For Multiplayer use
    This is the card I've been playing around with lately, and it's better than it seems.
    Playing Scatter Laser wizard is closer to playing Burning wizard than anything else. Arcane item slots are free for control spell—but to catch multiple targets, you'll have to put yourself in a position where it leaves you ever vulnerable.
    In this regard, it can be said that whereas playing Burst depends on opponent's positioning, playing Scatter Laser depends more on your positioning. As long as you can stay alive, it just doesn't care if your opponent practices social distancing.
    Though Scatter Laser isn't weak by any means, it does have a property to share with many Laser attacks: high risk, high inconsistency. I don't think a Scatter Laser build will ever be actually good at competitive ranked matches.

    For Singleplayer use
    Maybe if there were levels where there are about 3 enemies far from each other. So far, there just aren't many such levels. Maybe if Scatter Laser was changed to target up to 5 characters, it'd not suck as much while not affecting MP balance.

    Since reviewing cards don't have real precedents, I've just copied my format for reviewing items. If someone ever gets to do this, you can figure out your own.
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    With the updated Equipment.csv, I could enable listings for CF cards and items. Though there aren't many of them, the new cards and items come with a lot of new design spaces. I, and hopefully others, can now give them the much deserved commentaries. Thanks to The Knight of Unity for the fix.
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