Reportable offenses in game - clarification?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Settemio, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Settemio

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    I had an unpleasant interaction with someone in the game just now and it brought up a couple of questions as to what is 'reportable' bad behavior:

    1. My opponent was winning after a 1/6 parry miss from me cost me my priest. I quit a few turns later after having revealed my opponent's hands and seeing they could kill my wizard too unless they horribly misplayed. My opponent contacted me in pm later and in the course of our hostile conversation accused me of 'throwing the match' and told me they reported me for it and also that they blocked me. While this is pretty obviously not a reportable offense, it did make me wonder about some other times I have resigned early because I felt frustrated. Is it considered rude to resign in general any time before the very end of the match? If so, why even have a resign button?

    2. The reason our conversation was so hostile is that my opponent contacted me after I had resigned with a ' :) ', which I took as a very rude thing to do and I told them so. Maybe I misread their intent, but it seems obvious to me that when you beat somebody, contacting them in pm is not likely to come across well unless you clearly express sincerity, which can be difficult to do in text. Anyway, I don't think a smiley face is a reportable offense but my opponent also called me a psycho after I reacted to their accusation that I was reportable for resigning. Is calling someone a psycho reportable? In fairness, I was being hostile and weird at that point.
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  2. Scarponi

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    It is perfectly acceptable to resign after having legitimately attempted to win a match, and the match has progressed to the point where it's reasonably clear the match has been lost. At that point resigning is fine (though closing the game without resigning and thus forcing your opponent to wait for a timeout win certainly would be considered rude and reportable). Where precisely the acceptable resign point is, is a bit subjective; however, there clearly are matches that end prior to this point where a player has not actually attempted to win, has given up without trying, or simply resigns without really playing the match, and these are the forms of "throwing a match" that the mods are really concerned with and we'd like to see avoided. If you've legitimately attempted to compete in the match, and you've reach a point where a reasonable player would think the match is probably over, and you choose to resign, that is perfectly fine.

    That said, it's worth noting I've played in, and seen, some amazing comebacks (1 character at 1hp comeback to win vs. 2 full hp opponent characters), and these epic games don't ever happen when players throw in the towel, even in pretty dire straights.

    Player to player interchanges
    The community here is mostly very friendly as internet games go. But there are always players who rub each other the wrong way, or can find themselves getting salty. While I'm all for helpful communication to resolve differences between players, at times it's best to just "walk away." While this may mean physically stepping away from the computer, it also could just mean not responding to a conversation anymore. If someone starts off antagonistic, ignoring can be the best response. If you click a player's name you can "Block" them. This doesn't actually do anything to the player, it just prevents you from receiving their chat content and invites. It doesn't have to be permanent either, you can always unblock them at a future date. Just think of it as a friendly "Mute" button. This can save you from finding yourself becoming "hostile and weird," and prevents things from escalating potentially saving both you and the other guy from being reported.
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  3. Christofff

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    +1, there will always be the odd game or player where you feel more stressed by.

    one other way is to see it, when faced with hostile situation, is as a challenge "not" to react. It says more about your maturity that you can take crap that is thrown your way, and choose to go beyond it rather than immediately retalitate.

    It isn't easy, and you won't get anyone congratulating you, but you do get to congratulate yourself and that is the most important thing. When he sees that you are not engaging with him, he also has to choose, whether to continue being hostile, and make a clear donkey of himself, and a clear case to be reported and even be blocked from playing for some time, or to stop, and when he stops you can feel proud that it was your maturity that defused it.
  4. tolkien

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    Resigning is great. Saves us some time. But do so sparingly. Twice I have won in a 1 vs. 3 game.
    Alternatively, I have been scolded for playing a card or two when I presumably could have passed for the win. In some of these cases I just wasn't paying attention. In other cases I was being wise when there were unrevealed cards and possibilities. Thats all to say, if the game seems to be over, resign. Otherwise, fight to the finish with faith, you may yet prosper

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