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  1. Dane

    Dane Kobold

    Current Pathfinder campaign - early in the piece Cleric of Ceranray finds valuable necklace and keeps it.
    Next session player of the cleric is absent, and person who takes over has some shocking (awful) rolls.
    Rogue says "Clearly this is a sign of Ceranray's displeasure at the cleric's bling, something must be done to save his soul!" :rolleyes:
    Cleric gets knocked out, and Rogue steals the necklace while "helping him" get to bed.
    Next session original player of the cleric is back wondering where his necklace is, and now (still) spends every opportunity ransacking other part members' belongings.
    All the other players know what has happened and aren't letting on :)
    What the cleric (and the rest of the party) doesn't know is that the necklace has already been sold to buy healing potions for the next time he gets knocked out :D
  2. Adrian

    Adrian Kobold

    That moment when you are nearing the final boss in Legend of Zelda. That feeling that all those hard work earning those treasures and items are worth it since you'll gonna be using them all to go for triumph. I just don't want to part with my items. Also, strategy is key to winning and not just some level meter :D
  3. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    I am absolutely loving these, by the way. I'm a huge fan of telling and hearing rpg stories!
  4. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Yes, these are awesome!
  5. Farseer

    Farseer Kobold

    Spacegothic just 2 month ago...

    our group: me (engenier), player2 (pirate), player3 (ex-soldier), player4 (captain)

    We were looking for informations about an abandoned miningstation and a guy called "Atlas", if i remenber right, without any success.
    Until we got an information where to find the privat eye "Simones", how was looking for Atlas as well. So we went to meet him.
    In a small hideout with two rooms we find a man called Simones. He leeds us into the second room and asks us to wait a moment for him.
    after five minutes of silence we got bored and started looking around. Our captain starts looking on his holopad and finds informaqtions on
    "Ms. Simones private eye agency".
    It was a trap.
    As we tryed to leave the hideout, three guys with sub-machine guns waited for us and started shooting.
    The fight was short and everything went fine exept that our captain got a heapshot.
    Close to dead we tryed to stabilice him and called an ambulance. the ambulace driver was very young and tryed to do everything on the protokoll, literaly.
    He cheked his protokoll every 10 sec.
    At that moment, i took my gun aimed on the driver and said " you will drive us now or ther will be two corpses here and one will be you".
    It was a hell of a raid to the hospital with screems and curses and pushing the driver away so that the pirate can drive even faster and more ruthless.
    At the hospital we get in and the doctor comes to us and asks "Does he have an insurance?"
    At that moment our our ex-soldier had to hold me back cause i was about to punsh the doctor.

    Long story short, our capain survived, we lost 80% of our money in the process and we are only a bit closer to our goal, cause the man how tricked us was Atlas and we now know who he looks.

    Thanks for reading

    (i hope i corrected all my mistakes in the text, english is not my native language)
  6. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    One of my finest RP-moments (or at least the most fun one) was in a Pen and Paper game (Earthdawn).

    I play an Obsidiman (They are biiig people with rocky skin, very tough and VERY heavy [mine weighed like half a ton]). We were on an Airship (the main transportation device when you want to travel big distances), flying over a big jungle. Then, suddenly: Air Pirates!! They went for our ship, descendig on long ropes from their ship that hovered above ours, obliterating the crew and robbing all the goods we transtportet. Our party, of course, stood firm to fight the scoundrels. After a hefty battle, they began to retreat, not so much because of the damage we did (the dice absolutetly hated us this evening), but because of the fact that our ship was so badly damaged that it began to descend slowly, with a smoketrail coming from its intestants.

    So the pirates began climbing back up their ropes to escape the sinking ship we were trapped on. Then, suddenly, a flash of brilliance. "I want to follow the pirates up their ropes!!" And so I did. With great dexterity and vigor, i climbed up behind one of the pirates, the rope protesting under my weight. My heroic climb came to a quick end as one of the pirates cut the rope to send me flying towards our ship once again.

    Up to that point, the ship kind of sailed downwards. It wasnt able to ascend anymore, but it wasnt crashing down either. The impact of a 700kg (even heavier due to an ability of mine) Obsidiman changed that. I put a hole in the airship and destroyed it beyond repair. Only with great luck und the help of our magician friends i could survive that fall... And thus started an epic adventure through the Servos Jungle....

    [Excuse some mistakes made with spelling and /or vocabulary, I'm not native english.]
  7. Sharien

    Sharien Mushroom Warrior

    Its fine Ishida =) as far as i can tell a lot of us aren't native speakers.
    You told a fine story...though i kinda hoped you would drag their ship down with you ^^ but well cutting a rope is a little to easy for that to happen but still...i can totally imagine that "OH ****" moment when your character started falling.
    btw MegaD you didn't tell a story yet ;)
  8. CletusVanDamme

    CletusVanDamme Mushroom Warrior

    Damn right Sharien. We need to hear some of the devs favourite moments as well.
  9. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    Thx sharien :D

    Yes, the "OH ****!!" moment was definitely there, especially because I never ever considered that the pirates could cut the rope at all. Was great fun plus i got a great nickname outta that: Nero the Airshipdestroyer (Nero, der Luftschiffzerstörer).

    Yeah, the devs storys would be very interesting, please share!

    On another note: Are multiple entries allowed or not because of the beta-key-give-away-thingie? I love sharing RP-stories with other people.
  10. Fizbin

    Fizbin Mushroom Warrior

    Our intrepid Halfling group of the Three Croissanteers (Dabby, Aloo, A La Mode, Pithivier and the bond servant Apple Fool), having finished the arduous task of "borrowing" the holy Kransekake Ring, are shown into the home of the arch-wizard Zotz. Promising the group of dashing fools in slashed leathers and poncy feathered caps, that Zotz' would be there shortly, they are left to their own devices. (abbreviated for time) Our "Heroes'" manage to utterly destroy Zotz workshop, terrorize the staff, accidentally step on Zotz' familiar Samosa and smash the Kransekake.

    When the enraged Zotz arrives, they variously claim ignorance, hide under the ruins of his bed, blame poor Apple Fool (the only innocent person in the carnage) and tell wild stories of: Goblins, Orcs, Red Dragons, no it was hordes of Goblins, lead by massive Orcs and a flight of wild Red Dragons. (Personal comment: this hilarious argument between my players lasted over fifteen minutes before they settled on their story)

    Needless to say, Zotz is not amused. Soon the Three Crossanteers were reduced to their confectionery namesakes and served as a hearty after dinner sweet course in a sociable get-together where he invited the long suffering Apple Fool and a few close friends.
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  11. Sharien

    Sharien Mushroom Warrior

    That story kind of reminds me of a german card game i once played with a few friends by the name of "Ja,Herr und Meister!" in which you play the minions of an evil overlord and you have to find excuses why you did not complete your task...and your story has to match the cards that have been played...and whenever the overlord is dissatisfied with you...well he gives you the evil eye...if he has done that too often then you are goblin paste^^
    You would not believe the crazy storys and amount of blame shifting that occurs in a typical round of that game =)
  12. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    Oh, I absolutely adore "Ja mein Herr und Meister". We usually play it either to warm up for or to finish a PnP evening :D
  13. pofruin

    pofruin Kobold

    I was playing Minotaur fighter in MtG inspired DnD game.
    The party was doing covert mission where we had to subdue the leader of some cult in a church. The party was fairly well known so we got polymorph potions for everyone. And so we infiltrated the church and once given signal I jumped from balcony (I believe another potion was used for that) onto stage and proceeded like a true Minotaur should... I Gored the bastard with me mighty horns!!! In the aftermath of such bold actions my character spent few rounds in concussion induced daze. Who knew Human heads are not really suited for such charges?
  14. nathan jenner

    nathan jenner Kobold

    My favourite moment came recently, when I return to my old school and found out that the gaming club I set up with 2 others is still going strong and introducing new people to the RP comunity.
    Its great to see that even old boxed games and board games are still being played even with the onsurge of compurters,online games and moblies.
  15. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    Everyone, stop posting!! And Thursday, get here now!!!!

    The above is an obvious joke, in case anyone thinks I am serious...
  16. Sharien

    Sharien Mushroom Warrior

    yeah im kinda torn too...more ppl posting reduces my chances of winning...but fewer ppl posting means less stories...and i want MOAR^^
  17. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    LOL, don't get me wrong, I'm not torn at all. Every time someone else posts a story, all I see is my chances of getting a key on Thursday becoming that much slimmer...
  18. You probably get a lot more of rpg stories if you let some beta keys find the way to some mail inboxes ;) Think of all those adventures featuring three mighty heroes struggling with the Forces of Gary Evil!
  19. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    My email inbox has a nice soft pillow all set aside for a shiny new Card Hunter beta key...
  20. shindakun

    shindakun Kobold

    I remember "one time way back when", think it was around 2001-02, I was playing D&D with some friends and I had a bit too much to drink... Early in the session I had decided for some reason to put a bunch of rocks in a small bag, you know for checking for traps and diverting attention and stuff. It's all a bit hazy now but, I do know that by the end of that game the character, who's true name is lost to history, was referred to only as 'Rock Guy' by the townsfolk. Oh how the townsfolk loved him (the DM thought the whole thing was hilarious)! Saving the day with some rocks, starting a near riot with some rocks, and who could forget drinking with friends while discussing rocks of all things...
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