People of Cardhuntria! Free skins are waiting with Loot Fairy and Daily Chests!

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    Salutations Hunters!

    Make yourself comfortable, because Gary and Melvin have prepared a few attractions for you. Below you will find a list of events that will be available in Card Hunter this Thursday, as well as FREE SKINS. Yes, you read that right!

    Knightly Skins for all of you!

    Each Card Hunter player will receive three free skins in a knightly theme. You don't have to pay for anything - you will get it for being with us. In this way we wish to thank you for your support and trust! Skins will be available from 05/27/2021 after the maintenance.

    Loot Fairy Madness and Daily chest

    What events did Gary conjure up with Melvin? Daily chest log-in reward and Loot Fairy Madness! You’ll get daily chest rewards just for logging in and the Loot Fairy will be spreading loot-enhancing magic across all of Cardhuntria - rare, epic and legendary items are waiting for you!

    You are probably curious when this madness begins. The Loot Fairy will start its journey on May 28 and end on May 31, so stay tuned. The Daily Chest will be available from May 27 to June 3, so there's a whole week of rewards waiting!

    Below you will find some local times for all these events. Have fun and keep an eye out for more news! And the puzzle at the end - what gives the combination of apple, 64-bit and Card Hunter?

    You will find out before the Eastpass Conspiracy update!

    Free Skins:
    • US (PST): Thursday 27 May

    • US (EST): Thursday 27 May

    • Europe (CEST):Thursday 27 May

    • Australia (AEST): Thursday 27 May
    Daily chest log-in reward:
    • US (PST): Thursday 27 May - Thursday 3 June

    • US (EST): Thursday 27 May - Thursday 3 June

    • Europe (CEST): Thursday 27 May - Thursday 3 June

    • Australia (AEST): Thursday 27 May - Thursday 3 June
    Loot Fairy Madness:
    • US (PST): Friday 28 May, 7am - Monday 31 May, 1am

    • US (EST): Friday 28 May, 10am - Monday 31 May, 4am

    • Europe (CEST): Friday 28 May, 4pm - Monday 31 May, 10am

    • Australia (AEST): Friday 29 May, 12am - Monday 31 May, 6pm
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the new skins are as follows:

    Elf Wizard

    Dwarf Priest

    Human Warrior
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    Hi, there appears to be a typo in the red highlighted text. I'm in Australia and this took me quite some time to work out what was meant here!
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