Nerf Talented Healer?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by AaronD, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. AaronD

    AaronD Kobold

    I played now numerous matches against priests using talented healer and I also started to use a talented priest myself since it seems to be quite broken. It's just to much that this card gives you 100% cantrip + 100% 2 heal when using a healing ability and it also procs with healing dash and unholy leech attacks, which makes it sometimes impossible to do anything in a single round.

    My suggestions (3 possible solutions):

    1. Let it only proc with unholy OR holy healing abilities (but not both)
    2. Remove the heal and let the 100% cantrip stay.
    3. Gives this card a 3+ dice, so that there is a 1/3 chance that the card won't activate
    I think one of those three suggestions would balance talented healer quite alot and would make other traits more attractive. I do understand that you need to use a minor or major power token in order to get at least 2 talented healer trait cards, but the advantage is just to good for just a minor power token. Sometimes an enemy priest goes in with healing dash, does 2-3 unholy attacks (and is full after that) and thanks to the last cantrip, he can use his regular run to go back to his old position. It feels more like this build is a time mage that can manipulate time rather then a priest.
  2. Vamps are not running rampant in ranked at high levels so they are probably not OP.
  3. Jacques

    Jacques Hydra

    It's not broken imo. It's a strong card, yes, but you need to spend a major token on your Divine Skill to be able to draw it often, and then we all know that healing isn't optimal, as damage attacks are much higher and cheaper than healing. About the leech attacks, they can be blocked with a simple Parry or any other block, you also can use Nimbus or Force Field to prevent them, and even Reliable Armor does a good job against leech attacks (as 7 is the biggest attack they have). If you are using wizards, you can simply prevent them by sending them back with slide cards, difficult terrain cards, etc. Finally, there's Purge (in any of its types) to remove it. A card that has so many answers can't be broken by any means.
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  4. billiska

    billiska Ogre

    If you have problems against vampires, remember that you will win against vampires with solid defense rather than attack. To list out, there are 3 kinds of defenses relevant here:
    1. armor
    2. block
    3. positioning
    Good defense hurts vampires a lot. In another perspective, the vampires deck have to deal with all these at the same time, which is hard.That's why vampires isn't dominating the higher ranked.
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  5. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    If you watch Vamps play then you can almost see them charge up a round or two. They will be hesistant to act early or before the talented healer kicks in, so you can move more confidently at the start and need to be more on your toes once they had time to sort their cards. By then you should be either able to evade them or soak up their advance with an armored or otherwise protected character.
    There a few things to note - Life transfer aside, drains are still pretty low damage, so armor really matters. Secondly, cantrip is flashy, but they still spend and eventually run out of cards. Let them exhaust themself and dont trigger martyr or card cycling blocks. If you hit, hit really hard. Vamps dont like spending drains at full health, so they might prance around hoping for you to spend your attacks first. Thats why it is slightly less likely there are any blocks, since they usually prefer stacking drains and recovering by retaliation. So hit hard once and be sure they cant recover. Dont be stubborn, move away if you can.
    Oh yeah, or just purge them. Then you pretty much won.

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