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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Colt, May 17, 2018.

  1. Colt

    Colt Kobold


    thats my first post. I hope you can give me some ideas to impove this build.
    or leave a comment about this build, if you want...

    yogi bear m

    Level 1 Human Priest

    Level 19 Human Wizard

    rangwer smith
    Level 19 Human Warrior
  2. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    My impression is that your priest is well built, with 8 out of 10 items considered to be optimized for their respective slots, and two items that are decent for their slots (Snitrick's Shield and Superb Flexibility) that suit a particular style of play and arguably doesn't need to be replaced.

    Your wizard/ warrior, however, have 3 items that I would switch out for (strictly better) replacements, if possible.

    Pendant of Artax ---> Rod of Palver Pree, Asmod's Telekinetic Chain, or Rust Creature Gland
    Mad Eskin's Pin ---> Ring of Appropriation
    Poltergeist's Cape ---> Warp Robes, Malevolent Robes, or Robes of Foz

    Untrained Lycanthropy ---> Reckless Lycanthropy
    Focused Positioning ---> Subtle Positioning (saves a token)
    Extra Token ---> Tough Leather Cap or Captain's Gumshoes or Diamond Moccasins
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  3. Gingrich Yurr

    Gingrich Yurr Thaumaturge

    Poltergeist's Cape looks fine to me, the other items aren't strictly better since they don't give you Telekinesis, so it may fit on the controlly wizard.

    I'm not too sure about the Marmot Boots on the Priest, boots with traits or Flanking Move may be better, considering your priest won't be running up to smack people often, but rather be running away most of the time.

    Also, while it is not strictly better, you may prefer Mouse Boots over Garalem's on the Warrior.
  4. Colt

    Colt Kobold

    Thx for your comments!!!
    Now i changed my build. What do you think about the elf worrior which replaced the humn wizzard?
    My human warrior now have vibrant pain and the changes recommended by sasoo8...

    yogi bear m
    Level 1 Human Priest

    rangwer smith
    Level 19 Human Warrior

    boo boo bear
    Level 1 Elf Warrior
  5. Colt

    Colt Kobold

  6. Sir Kookus

    Sir Kookus Mushroom Warrior

    I think final sword was good on the warrior.
  7. Christofff

    Christofff Guild Leader

    i like all out attack if you have pulverizing hack.
    personally not sold on the hackmaster though as far as value for money.
    i think your latest elf warrior needs more movement, even with the two vengeance. if you want to be supercompetitive, take a loook at Scarponi's recent posts with his older builds
    if you want to make a unique build which celebrates the items you have (recommended), build with those items and combos in mind. if you can explain how the build works in words, you're some way towards making a focussed build.

    part of CH is just having your opponent know that you COULD have a certain card combo in your build. For example with pulverizing hack +AoA you can insta-kill any character, but what about the occassional blocks, how do you beat them? (vengeance is one way but you have to take damage first. other ways are quick run, war cry, or a priest putting surestrike blessing on said warrior). You also want to play in a way that can represent danger from your warrior. It takes time to do this and watch the good players see what they do and what they do not do.

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