My Five Most Dreaded Quests Part 1 & 2

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  1. So I told myself if I ever got around to clearing out these last five nasty quests I would write them up, because I really did not want to do them, and maybe it will help some others clear up their bucket lists.

    Part 1 - Black Plume 1hp - This one was actually not too bad!

    Here's the crew:

    Level 24 Human Priest

    Level 24 Elf Warrior

    Level 20 Human Priest

    I tried a Fulg's Cleansing Pot on each of the priests for part one and that worked well, but then on parts 2 & 3 I switched to extra nimbuses from a third Shielding Token. Otherwise that build worked the whole way through. Leadership is key to setting up warrior with nimbus and killing combo of cards to move in and make good use of nimbus. Obv, priests are filtering for more lifesaving blocks and nimbus, and of course Negative Energy Being. Be careful not to vamp or cleanse on yourself while you have NEB!

    Blizkenripper took a few tries, and even with lucky draws his breath attack can just wipe away your whole game plan. Try to keep only the elf warrior in range of him and he seems not to want to use the breath weapon on just one character. Slippery was great here.
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  2. Part 2 - Troll Tryant 1hp

    Three men (gurjani, Temaukel, myself) set out on a dangerous mission to tussle with the tyrannical troll while we ourselves were on the very precipice of death already . Before we could even pass the first part, Temaukel was consumed by one of the nastiest of all monsters in Cardhuntria - a bad internet connection. gurjani and I wept many tears at Temaukel's passing, but then we kicked him from the team and restarted. Now here's where you might get mad - I forgot to record our decklists. We changed a bit in between modules anyway, so you'll have to settle for a summary of our strategems.

    I played an elf wizard while gurjani kept us alive with a human priest chock full of Livesaving Block and Impenetrable Nimbus.

    1st Map - I added some Smoke Bomb to my build for this part, just to keep the flame sprites from pushing nimbus off with their multiple flame attachments. We were able to back into a corner in the southern end of this map and while the priest hid around a corner and applied liberal applications of Impenetrable Nimbus, the elf wizard blasted with various flame attacks and Instant Burn. Also played some Flood here. Thank goodness for free restarts on first parts of modules, cause this one was hard.

    2nd Map - Flood dominated this level for us, allowing us to burn enemies with impunity, breezing through on first try.

    3rd Map - Flood dominated this level for us (see a trend?). We went to the west and then south to hold a corner where I could surround us both with water terrain completely (Sorry, Temaukel! Only room for two in here!). Took a few tries, but ultimately we were able to maintain flood wall for several rounds while I would Scatter Laser those nasty storges right in their annoying proboscises. gurjani still had to liberally apply Impenetrable Nimbus as laser insurance, but eventually we managed to kill the storges and move on.

    4th Map - BRUTAL. We begrudgingly had to stop leaning on Flood here. I swapped it out for more Telekinesis and Gusts Of War which just barely kept the storges off our backs. We really just danced around and applied stabs from priest and Scatter Laser and flame attacks and got very very lucky.

    Last thing! I did not mention in any level breakdowns the deadly combo that I kept all the way through and was fantastic throughout: Ancient Grudge / Pathfinding. The nature of 1hp quests is that you are slowly and methodically chewing through the monsters. You have to sacrifice offensive power a bit, but that plays into the slow-roll Pathfinding/Grudge combo. It doesn't cost much in terms of tokens and guess what? Bimson's Death Moat tidily combines two Floods with an Ancient Grudge for a blue token. Elf wizard also wore a Poltergeist's Cape. Two or three grudges is enough in a setup like this where you want to have one show up eventually and have a few turns to chug through anyway. I found that even without the Pathfinding bump, my discard pile was getting into teens and allowing me to get big hits. Of course, nothing beats doing a huge chunk of damage to a troll that finishes him with no chance to regenerate!
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