Monthly Awards (also why is warding lance not considered armor?)

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Auburn, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Auburn

    Auburn Guild Leader

    Idea: how about some monthly awards for things beyond the top 5 guilds?

    Here's what I'm thinking.

    Awards for top 5 in guild MVP

    Awards for top 5 active players (100 games minimum required for month)

    Awards for most matches won.

    Awards could include
    5th a character skin of the player's choice
    4th 1 epic chest
    3rd select 1 item for your next week's randimar
    2nd 1 legendary items of your choice
    1st 2 legendary items of your choice

    And lastly, why do polearms get dropped by melt armor but not the warding lance? Feels inconsistent.
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  2. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Hey, we're obviously open to all kinds of feedback but I just thought I'd offer my 2¢ on why the effects are different types. The Polearm Slash grants armor physically—you are blocking with it—while the Warding Lance protects you with magic. It is not a physical barrier against harm. Admittedly this is all a bit wonky because if Dissolve Armor can destroy Polearm Slash, why can't it destroy other weapons? IDK :)
  3. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    I always thought Warding Lance was just a boost because of balancing reasons.

    By the same logic wouldn't the Aura cards and stuff like Adaptable not be armor either since they don't really function as physical barriers against harm? :p

    Lots of things in CH stop making sense once you apply any sort of logic to it, such as why it's possible to genetically alter doors to have festering guts, how Walpurgis Night can turn a security camera into a spirit, or how it's possible to hypnotize a boulder. ;)
  4. Auburn

    Auburn Guild Leader

    Yeah, I was surprised when the polearm vanished from remove armor and then surprised again when the warding lance didn't.

    I think if an item can reduce damage--be it of the magic or melee variety--it's an armor, and should be dissolvable/boilable.

    But maybe there is a distinction between weapons with armor and weapons with effects?

    Here's a couple possible solutions.

    1. leave it unchaged. it's wonky, but hey, it's cardhunter!
    2. make warding lance drop against armor removal.
    3. dissolve armor kills the effects of a warding lance in the targeted hand. The warding lance could still be used as an attack, but the damage reduction effect is taken off.
  5. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Speaking of balance reasons ... Adaptable was a Boost throughout testing the EttSC content. Then we decided to add it to a couple items and suddenly we had to make it an armor for balance reasons :<

    (Aura cards were designed before I joined the team and I can't speak for their designs)
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  6. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    I think these players fairly typically are part of guilds (or will be picked up by a guild quickly), and are already earning pizza through being a top performer in the guild.
    By "active" you mean most games? This could be cool, though it would create motivation for players to throw games which is undesirable (and creates more mod work). Maybe most games played with at least a 50% win rate?
    I like this one.

    One could also add:
    Highest win% (with a minimum games played limitation).
    Longest win streak during the month (streak should only count games in the month and not carry over any streak from the previous month).
    Most total wins against the #1 guild that month.
    Player who records wins against the largest number of different guilds.
    Most "average" player (player closest to 50% win rate that month - tiebreaker is most games played, so a player that went 10-10 would beat a player that went 2-2 for the month).
    Most comebacks (most games won after trailing in star-count)

    I like the 5th and 4th place awards, but anything that allows players to straight out choose an item seems opposed to CH's loot philosophy.
  7. Auburn

    Auburn Guild Leader


    Yeah, I like all those ideas--particularly

    "Player who records wins against the largest number of different guilds."

    This one's great because non-guild players could participate too.

    To clarify:
    "Awards for top 5 active players (100 games minimum required for month)"

    In game there's a list of all the players that are active listed in order of their elo. An award could go to the top 5 elo at the end each month with the added requirement of a minimum amount of games required (50-100). The idea is that the player had to play enough games to successfully adapt to those maps and the trending meta.
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  8. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I believe the guild award system is fulfilling it's purpose of promoting guilds and providing a competitive incentive to competition-based guilds, so I particularly like the awards that are not guild-related. I'd actually like to see top performance awards limited to individuals who don't receive guild awards during the same month. Aside from the inherent mystique, I think struggling valiantly in a losing cause such as an inclusive guild*, or alone against the world is something worthy of recognition.

    * I am not specifically referring to the Sorcererers, though they certainly qualify.
    Positive reinforcement is traditional with good reason, but in this case it results in giving more to those who are already getting the most. I don't disagree with nature on this one, but it strikes me that Card Hunter is largely an exercise of Randomness as Philosophy. Therefore, random monthly door-prizes for participation strike me as being quite fitting.
    I recommend 3 random monthly prizes for both SP and MP. Qualification would consist of playing a given number of games to be determined by the devs in the category in question.
    The prizes might be:
    1 - Pizza
    2 - Chests
    3 - Club Membership
    I like the idea of one of each in each category.

    I'd like to have the campaign category because I suspect many players run the campaign and leave without chatting or posting in the forums, and this might cause them to at least pop their heads up long enough to ask the eternal question, "WTF, over?" Also because I think it might give campaign only players a bit more incentive to hang around. I miss several who have moved on.

    You might add a third category for players who sign up for the discount chest shop and actually play league games. If possible I'd weight this to favor those with low win rates, because plodding determinedly onward while being repeatedly smacked down by better players is a quality unlikely to last very long. The winners are already well rewarded. Throw a bone, or at least the possibility thereof, to those who will play out losing games if you want to have more people to play against.

    I won't suggest a campaign category for the most adventures completed in a month because as an old retired geezer with insomnia and more time than money I'd have an absurd advantage. Right up there with unemployed kids who have no social life and live in their mom's basement. Shout outs to both. :cool: Though the shout to the second category will include the phrase, "Get off your lazy duff and find a job!" because I'm a crotchety old codger.

    On the plus side, if they're in their mom's basement, at least they're not on my lawn.
  9. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Ahh, makes sense now. I like it!
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  10. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    I too like it!
    *cough* best player *cough* 1800 elo *cough* rinco aint getting none of this loot *cough*
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  11. rinco69

    rinco69 Thaumaturge

    Top 5 active players achievement is terrible idea and will usually just reward the same players every month. Just look these stats for games played in the past 5 months...

    @Auburn averages 417 games per month
    @woshinibaba averages 457 games per month
    @krystalis1 has done an average of 531 games per month

    I doubt including league games would even make a difference. The most active league players are usually inactive ranked players. @Pawndawan's league stats has enough data to demonstrate that,

    Or hey why not give out rewards to the most active league players. Not that I'm biased or anything.
  12. Auburn

    Auburn Guild Leader

    Ha, Rinco caught me trying to sneak in a reward for something I'd probably qualify for. Although, if there were a reward for top 5 active players achievement, I bet a lot more people would play a lot more games.

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