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  3. Yeah, curious whether Flax is saying CM3 is incredibly hard means that they're working on adjusting the balance to make it easier or if he's just bragging.
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    Or is he talking about the difficulty of getting it "just right" how he wants it? Or MAYBE he means he's made a hard copy version of it, and CH is going to finally be available as a physical board game!!!
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    ah yeah, probably should've mentioned

    don't expect anything within next two weeks

    insider's info

    also maybe I jinxed it????
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    Finally! A reason to revive this old thread!

    The Eastpass modules are going to bring a lot of new cards and enemy mobs, and a lot of these can currently be found in the card hunter assets folder in your Steam directory. Included are new card artwork, new figure artwork, new decal doodads and an updated cards.csv and adventures.csv folder with some information about the new cards and modules.
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    Teleporting fungal pirates!
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    Sooo... Four new forms!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    One looks like the start of a druid sub-class for priests (it's an Assist, not a Trait Boost), and I can't tell if the others will be tied to classes or races; I can see arguments both ways. And if they don't come to their senses change their minds, we're looking at the return of Wall Of Stone and player usable Invisibility!

    Also what looks like an attempt at pets, though there are implementation issues to deal with still... Does the game check your deck for those cards, and add the pet group if found?
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    I believe that no cards from the upcoming expansion are going to be available to players (barring some random traits).
    Some forms, like Pixie or Sculptor, are just straight up better that most forms (or dare I say all of them?).
    I've noticed that there are no item slots assigned to any of the new cards, so I expect that they will be only available to the AI characters.
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    The messy teleport cards are assigned to boots (which surprised me, since I had those pegged as monster-only). But I think the main reason is that they haven't made any items yet.

    The thing is, forms make no sense for monsters. Why not just put the form cards in their normal deck?

    They certainly haven't balanced anything yet; does anyone really think Invisibility and Wall Of Stone will be in the final version? And as for power, those two forms combined have only four cards that deal damage, and the one with the highest base damage is Bludgeon!
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    Flax said on the Discord server that Ursine Form is "no longer in the expansion", so it seems that one won't be in the final game. He also said it was lower quality than the other cards, and because it was such low quality that the enemy it was on never used it, confirming that at least that Form card did in fact get used in an enemy deck. Perhaps there's some sort of shapeshifter enemy with a deck with (full of?) different form cards? Maybe one of those mould enemies. I've no clue what else these forms would be for.

    However, these forms will appear in the random boost, random handicap and random form pools if they do get their types implemented, so Radiation/Walpurgisnacht/Shifting Block are going to get crazier.

    Where does one find the list of what cards are part of these new form pools?
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    Cards.csv file (located under ...\CardHunter\data\gameplay\Cards) has a column called "Params" (without number), which gathers certain params including form names (separated by semicolon).

    I've also noticed that the new forms don't have the form param, so I guess they are not going to be available to get via Walpurgis Night and Shifting Block.

    I think it makes a perfect sense. It let's the devs make some AI controlled characters that are temporarily better/worse (or serve a different role) (Afflicted Townsfolk, for example).

    For example I expect that the pirates are going to be rather easy enemies, but the Piratic Form will make them much more dangerous. Pixies are probably similiar, but they would become a support character, imo.
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    Your list is missing Cause Fumble and Force Cone which have "pixie" in the Params5 column. Which is not the only time I've seen values in the wrong column: there are two attacks with "Armor 2" (one is a Mandatory Action).

    I'm sad to hear about Ursine Form being dropped. I liked the idea of forms the player can choose when to activate.
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    Does everyone know that you can ask the game client to render and save card images for any card in the database?
    Hit F2 to open the console (or F1 twice).
    Type "forceload" to, well, force the client to load all the illustrations (and complain at length about all the text fields that are too long).
    Type "savecardart 85 " followed by the exact card name and you'll get a dialog box asking you where to save the file. "85" is the recommended JPEG quality; I've never messed with it.
    Hit F1 to close the console.
    I'm giving the date I rendered the cards, because I hope that many will change before release.
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    Well, I guessed we’d have a pegleg card but I didn’t guess it right.

    Peg leg
    Hybrid attack/ drawback
    Damage 6 melee crushing range 1
    Encumber 1.

    The art looks very good.
    We already have “bear” form haha!

    I guess it’s time to brush off my arrogant human warriors team.
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    Bad Job. (Not you, Kalin.)
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    These are monsters' cards btw. No new items this time :v
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    True, but the number of Stun, Halt, and Stun & Halt cards with durations up to 3 doesn't strike me as entertaining. Just my opinion.
    Others may be huge fans.
    In any case, I appreciate the work the Knights are putting into this.
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    Edited my previous post. I'll trust the final product to the playtesting of the Knights (including Flax, who I knew before he was a dev, and is now a dev again under the Knights of Unity).
    My request: Make it more fun than grindy.
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