knights of unity was remaking cardhunter with a new 3D engine

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by haho, Dec 27, 2023.

  1. haho

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    Not sure if this is allowed, or if this post is in the correct forum, but I saw they were(?) remaking the game with a new engine... and apparently 3D design. I think the official title was going to be "Card Hunter: Adventures"

    see announcement here

    You can download a prototype build of Card Hunter in the link above ^

    seems like due to lack of funding, it won't get beyond prototype stage... But I wonder if maybe they could do a kickstarter for the project?
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  2. haho

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    My personal feelings after playing the limited prototype: I really dislike the 3D design, it is clunky, cumbersome, and does away with the old-school tabletop feel. It also makes navigation/movement more difficult and imprecise. I'd rather see more of a balance between 2D and some 3D elements/visuals, akin to the mobile port of cardhunter called "loot & legends" (reference 1) (reference 2) . While I didn't like the direction that game went, I did like some of the elements, which in my opinion, improved upon the original. For example loot & legends included SOME new 3D elements, and more visuals with attacks/skills etc, but they didn't over-do it and kept more with the original tabletop "feel" of cardhunter.

    I also greatly dislike the new "flow" system knights of unity introduced, because it SEEMS to severely restrict strategy. You MUST play certain cards in certain order. It makes combat feel too strict and annoying.
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  3. Sir Veza

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    Um. Please expand your research.
    Loot & Legends failed.
    KTOU is not rewriting CH.
    Just sayin'.
  4. Kinda knew this was what they were trying, but sad to see this is where that path led. I was not too excited about a "new" cardhunter, and I don't imagine they can generate much interest in that if their existing community is not receptive. At least they are putting it out there for ideas and investment potential.

    This announcement to me says, "we will keep cardhunter on life support indefinitely, but we cannot find a cure for what ails it."
  5. haho

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    1. I know it failed. Your comment has nothing to do with the reason why I mentioned it.
    2. Never once did I say "rewriting". So again, your comment has nothing to do with the info I provided. I made sure to specify "due to lack of funding, it won't get beyond prototype"
    It seems like you just want to be rude to people posting a topic about info they came across. Just sayin'

    I wonder how small the existing community is these days. If I had to guess, fully transitioning to 3D was probably an idea to get more attention/interest. Theres a game called "Popup Dungeon" which is built in 3D but also still retains a look/feel of a board game.
    The cardhunter game in full 3D didn't really do anything for me (granted it was a very early prototype, so maybe it could have gotten better with further development). In my brief play, the flow system they came up with felt really cumbersome.
  6. Sir Veza

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    I'm sorry if I sounded rude. You have my apologies. The different companies (Dropforge vs The Knights of Unity) struck me as totally unrelated, and the info you posted was just old news to me. I'm an old geezer, and like arthritis, grumpy seems to have become a large part of my nature. I'll try to do better. (I do miss when walking didn't hurt, but I'm past that stage of life.)

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