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    Focus of games must be combat. I hate DnD because it is about natures, aligments, evil, good, chaotic stuff and you have to play as human like creatures and there is limited amount of classes. In a great game you have to be able to play as everything. I must be able to be dragon, robot, turtle, lion. All characters must be playable with skills and class levels ETC. So i built my RPG system.

    If your damage is 8 that will mean you will deal random damage between 1 and 8. So you will roll 1d8 but we mostly use random number generators in my game. There is also dodge and hit rate for calculating accuracy. You add your hit rate and enemys dodge to each other. Lets say your hit rate is 10 enemy dodge is 4. That makes 14. If you roll higher than 10 you will miss; otherwise it is a hit. So if enemy has 1 dodge and you have 15 hit you will roll between 1 and16; if it is 16 you miss if it is between 1 and 15 you hit.

    Core mechanics are like that; pretty easy and normal. Problem is cooldowns of skills are very hard to calculate. Each turn decrease cooldown of 1 skill. If you have too many skills and cooldowns, it can be really hard to refresh all cooldowns. Also you can roll a number for making a cooldown ready. If cooldown is 28; you roll number between 1 and 28 if you roll 28 your cooldown for that skill becomes 0.

    Like all systems at late levels mana is being to high and you can cast extreme skills; for balancing the game everything have got Saiyan auras. By consuming mana every turn; you make all of your stats buffed so you become more defensive and dont die.

    Ofcourse spells and skills cant be balanced and your characters cant be balanced too. Because of that we create characters and let you choose one of this characters and give some paths, skill trees to this characters and let you choose which direction you will go while developing your champion.

    Game can be everyone fight against same monsters and than they fight against each other. Or deathmatch survival looting arena. Or coop boss killing chest looting thing. However i prefer games like Death of Winter. You play as a government and you move your heroes. You can buy new heroes and your heroes can die pretty easily; that type of game more fun and better i believe.

    Do not obey to rules; make a fun balanced fair game. Goal is luck, strategy, methods for defeating your enemies.

    About movement and range; this things must be more more expensive as you level up them. 1 move can require 1 point but 2 move must require 3 and 3 move must need 6 points 4 will be 10. Because also in real world; moving fast requires way more power. There is sound barrier and lightspeed and air doesnt let you move fast. Also gravity; your weight will affect so it is not easy to move too fast it is very expensive. ıf everybody move 10 tiles every turn; that will be a meaningless map. You know there is a tiny board you playing on and you must not move fast; that makes map smaller.

    First you move based on your speed stat like in pokemon. First you play regeneration turn. You regenerate hp equal to your HPR,if hp is full you hold your extra HP until end of the turn so your regeneration also con block the damage you will take. Also there is armor block ETC this things act like HP but more different and complex, they also take damage before your HP. If you dont have hp your mana will take the damage. If you die, you stay in corpse mode and if they dont kill you, you can stand up and survive.

    After recover you move and attack. You do not attack and move; there is no hit and run. After that turn is ended and you manage your cooldowns ETC. So each turn is made of 3 turns; regeneration, move, end turn keeping tracks. And you have to write everything; otherwise you can forget or people may cheat.

    Most important thing is enemies must have levels and skills too; they have to be playable characters. And based on difficulty their levels will change; and difficulty must be very balanced; rat and dragon at same difficulty must have equal power otherwise difficulty will not have a meaning. But you can edit difficulty for adding more fun and art to game.

    First create characters and their skills, builds, passives than let players choose one. At start all players must have nearly same power; do not let them do what they want; let them choose what they want. If you give freedom to players they will try to be very strong and break the fun of game. We have seen that in DnD Online or Neverwinter.

    Skills must have cooldowns but this cooldowns will be random so things will not be same. 20 cooldown means something between 1 and 20 so you can roll 1 and ignore the cooldown of skill. Players dont like to do same thing many times so everything has to be different everytime.

    By the way using electricity causes climate change; and Earth want to kill all of you.
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    By the way using electricity causes climate change; and Earth want to kill all of you.


    There is also 12 damage types and 12 attack styles. This things increase decrease your damage and hit rate to enemies based on their element or type. When building dungeons you can put enemies that weak to you or send your hero with advantage. Since all players will do same fights; they can suffer.


    Level1=10 points. 5 points will give you 1 skill upgrade point (15 25 35). 10 point will give you new skill (10 20 30 40). You level up little little; slowly. Leveling up gets harder as you progress. Level 1 requires 1 orb but 2 will require 2 orbs and 3 will ask for 3 orbs for 1 point. And leveling up is hard because you have to loot orbs from monsters and use them to level up. You can also level up after end of the dungeon.

    I actually decided to make this a zombie survival game. You will need food, water and stuff to keep your heroes alive and you can also steal this things from other players. So you dont need to PvP but you can kill other players if you want. You can also defend other players against monsters. Think like monster hunter. Giant dragons will attack you or you can send monsters to other players if you find their cards. And this monsters may also attack to you too so they can destroy the board. ı am thinking about Death of Winter, DnD, deathmatch survival loot arena. Also players have to gather loots to base before other players still them.

    Start to game with an level 1 hero; stat totals 10 with nearly random stats.

    HP2 hpr1 MP0 mpr0 Atk2 Hit2 FLE2 ARM1 that stat points will make this stats HP32 Hpr1Atk6Hit4Fle2Arm2 so different stats have different base values or multipliars.

    And than we will make many skills and skill trees for this character. What is can learn at level 2, than what new skills it will be able to learn at level 3. It will learn only 1 skill every level. by the way skills can be random and you can let players choose one of 3 skills ETC because we must not let players build their characters.

    You will loot stuff from monsters. This stuff can upgrade your champions. You may also consume this orbs for healing than they get wasted. You will also have defense towers. You can give jobs to your heroes. Everything in game have to be made by your champions so they can be busy with tasks.

    Basicly game is something like Age Of Empires but we are using powerful heroes as units and we fight against waves of epic monsters.

    Each cooldown decrease mana cost by one. Skills can consume too much mana. Skill mana cost and cooldown will be determined by your character for balancing the game and make it more understandable. Upgrading your skills will make them stronger and they will consaume more mana.
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    I decided to change base values of stats. HPr 1 will mean your hp regeneration will be between 0 and 1 so you may not even regenerate hp. So if you have 9 hpr that will mean between 0 and 9 which makes 4,5. If it would be like regular FRP it would be between 1 and 9 which will mean 5. But in our game it is between 0 and its value. Therefor armor will be 1, attack will be betweeen 1 and 2. MPr also same. And hit rate will be 1 dodge will be 1. So With %50 rate your attcks will miss, game is even more chaotic than before. I advice you to build hit rate but some things may not even use dodge. A heavily armored monster may not try to dodge your attacks or an undead. Also buildings may not dodge. Because of hp is 16, 8 points in attack needed to one hit kill something and than you need to be very lucky. Thats the point of game, long fights; different tactics based on how much hp you left. So finals are:

    HP MP16, hpr mpr 0-1, Armor 1, Atk 1-2, Hit rate and Flee 1. There is also move, range, wrestling, carry, act speed. Wrestling makes you very strong in wrestlings but have no any other use; nearly everything you have will be used in wrestling but mostly wrestling skill makes you winner in that kind of combat. While wrestling if there is multiple enemies; they can hit you very badly.
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    I also hate how much roleplaying there is in roleplaying games, just get to the MURDER and SLAUGHTER already!

    I hear there's this cool game called Card Hunter which has Mauve Manticore modules in which you can play as basically any sort of monster. Have you ever heard of it?

    Finally, a chance to use my exotic d14!

    wait what

    but if you disobey the rules of God then all evil humanity will perish, repent before it is too late!

    Nothing screams strategy quite like having to roll a dice with a massive variance in outcome for pretty much every aspect of combat.

    (Also aren't you using electricity to warn us about the evils of using electricity? Do you also wish to kill the Earth?)

    Well, it won't be very hard to survive a zombie outbreak when you're a Saiyan. I think Goku can handle some zombies.

    Ah yes, I've always wanted to play a crossover between tabletop gaming, Dragon Ball, zombie survival and tower defense games.

    Thank god! Things are more random! This idea really needed more dice rolls!

    I also love superfluous mechanics that are either absolutely overpowered or totally useless!

    Where do I sign up for the beta?
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    Wrestling will be mostly based on luck. Total base points your character have + hit rate (hit rate is used 2 times) + 3x wrestling( multiply by you current hp/ your max HP) than multiply by dice roll. So wrestling mostly based on dice. ıf you losing the combat you use wrestling for being a toxic player. For starting wrestling; you need to land a melee hit than instead of dealing damage, start the wrestling. For dealing damage by wrestling you need to win it many turns in a row if noone can win wrestling than noone will take damage and it takes very much time to kill something by wrestling. If winner decides to finish wrestling; wrestling stops ETC ETC..

    Do you know any way to illegally update XP to 32 bit; i learnt using XP on 64 bit my cause slow CPU and less RAM. I really liked detailed mecha board games. Like overheating enemies by missiles or hitting the leg for slowing the enemy; than suprise attacks, running attacks for increasing dodge. Also in this systems mostly moving person gaining buffs and it is very good because campers are losers.

    Factories, industry; economy is consuming the Earth. We need to stop rich people and there is too much humans and too much freedom. Humans cant have thousands of babies and cant burn fire whenever they want. We need to be dictator.

    There is realy 14 16 20 sided dices; its look like all even numbers have dice.
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    If i tell you everything you will not have enought will to read it. Final plans:
    1 point can give you a skill or a passive or 16 hp or 2 dmg or 0,5 hpr (0-1). I will give players development plans and they will spend orbs to buy this packets than they will be stronger. If i give freedom; people always use same tactics and builds than it becomes not fun; so i iwill choose how they can develop their characters.

    So how many skills passives and power you have based on your decisions. You can play without skills and passives and win the game because having a skill costs 1 point its not free thing you get by level. There will be no levels; only your point value so start with 16 point than gain points by purchasing upgrades by using orbs. Characters, classes will be premade.

    Each turn refresh 1 cooldown of 1 skill and also roll a crit dice to make a cooldown 0 so if you have too many skills and all in cooldown you need to refresh them 1 by 1 unlike all other games. So as you get many skills you can use better things to fit to situation but you will have many cooldowns and have low points because getting skills cost points. By the way skills can have different elements so you can hit undead with holy light and tree with fire.

    Goal of the game is making everything possible like Superman is fighting against Master Yi or Ichigo. However in FRP characters cant be balanced no matter how hard you try. By the way nobody tries to be strong and win the game but this is a pvp pve game so power is also important. There is also funny mathmatics side of the game.

    Your damage must not be higher than targets HP otherwise your damage get wasted. If you have high offensive and speed you can kill or debuff enemy before it acts. If you go full armor, dodge, hpr; you can be immortal. High HP is best way to make a damage dealer tanky because HP is very cheap and there is no lifesteal based on damage in this game; even it is lifesteal will be very weak so it can be balanced. There is also range and movespeed you can kite things and be annoying infinitely. If your dodge and hpr is very high, you will heal before you die so you will always win. Armor and Hpr also does the same thing but most things go full damage rather than full accuracy because accuracy doesnt kill things. Also you can make wrestling in this game and wrestlers have high wrestling skill but they suck at combat. If you make your Atk and Hit equal, you will have highest dps. So thats why i dont let people to build their own hero because they will ruin the fun. Also BattleTech is very good and i wanted to build a BattleTech clone but can you summon units or do fighter skills or Ichigo stuff in a system like Battletech or Xcom; this is the thing. Use machines but use cleric skills with them; how can i combine DnD with BattleTech; thinking about that.
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    You are a demon from Earths core; Earth is eating us. Everything was a lie. Earth want to make us sad. Earth is created this fake universe and humans around us are all fake.
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