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    Abandoned and happened each had an extra 'n.'
    Hoping to see this in an MM soon.
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    Noted, thanks.
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    A few more arenas, which I create when I'm bored

    Arena 29: The Split Pit 20191107212215_1.jpg
    Spreading out has its risks and rewards

    Arena 30 20191107212616_1.jpg
    A narrow path for short-lived fighters

    Arena 31: The Crater 20191107212925_1.jpg

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    I had this idea for a league a while back, but it's not going far if it remains just in my head, so... here's the draft so far.
    It involves cards that do not exist yet. Feel free to suggest changes and improvements.

    20210603032302_1.jpg No victory squares. Each player have a "goalkeeper" (locked behind a moat), and defeating the opponent's Keeper is a victory. They also have a few field players (maybe up to 4 if some of them are minions, the board should be bigger then). Field Players give a few VP when killed, and they respawn.

    The main source of damage should be from the Doomball cards, which are created by the Keepers (as their 'default move').

    Attack+handicap, projectile (fire or unholy)
    • Range 4, Roll 2+: put this card into the target's hand.
    • If this card is discarded, you take 6 (fire or unholy) damage (a meaner version also discards other doomball cards as a chain reaction)
    This means the card will backfire with a basic 1/6 chance when played, plus for other reasons if it fails to move to the target's hand (if it is blocked).

    Keepers should have a small deck, which they draw completely each turn, to make sure they are always Unlucky. Their default move is replaced with the creation of a Doomball card, and they should have a Battlefield Training card to send it safely to Field Players. The goal is to try and flood the opponent's Keeper with Doomballs to take him down.

    Other cards that should be involved in the league: Bad Luck, Mind Worm, Unlucky, Battlefield Training, Fumble, Missile Block, Minor Illusion, Clumsy, Fright, maybe some armor, some control...
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    Here's another batch of arenas

    Arena 32c

    Arena 34 The Still Pond

    Arena 35 The Light over the Pit

    Arena 36

    Arena 37

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    Arena 38

    Arena 39

    Arena 40b

    Arena 42

    Arena 43

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    Arena 44

    I wanted to try and make a series of map with the same pattern but swapping the terrain types. I thought it may make an original map rotation. Here's what I got:
    Arena 45, 45b, 45c, 45d
    20210703002556_1.jpg 20210703002604_1.jpg 20210703002611_1.jpg 20210703002618_1.jpg

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    Capitalism, Ho!

    There is a new item shop in town!
    A wide variety of wares, for all your adventure needs.
    Our guilded merchant Brad and his lovely Pixie assistant are there to welcome you and give you advice if you need.
    We also evaluate your findings, and we will likely give you the best price you can ever find for them.
    We are located on top of Eastpass Hill and we give great discounts during the opening week.
    Come and visit us!
    We are aware that a few sets of items we have sold turned out to be defective. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, there is no need for violence towards our employees, as we will give you a FULL REFUND for these items. Additionally, we will give you one of our most popular FUNGUS HATS as compensation.
    We are looking forward to seeing you again in our shop.

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    More arenas, yay!

    Arena 47 Abandoned Warehouse

    Arena 48 Dunes

    Arena 49 Dancing Room

    Arena 50 Water Supply

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