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  1. Alia of the Knife a.k.a.FULL ASSEGAI
    Level 20 Elf Warrior

    Lady Jessica Atreides a.k.a. THE PAYLOAD
    Level 10 Elf Warrior

    Siona Atreides a.k.a.GEORGE
    Level 5 Elf Warrior
    So the story goes like this , these are some ideas that i wanted to try, manifested and thrown all together in a deck.
    The ASSEGAI elf was something i always wanted to build but failed to correctly do so, . The reasons obvious : 3 x Large Weapon , 3 x Fumble . Yet somehow this setup seems to work great and an elf constantly drawing Impaling Stab is fun. Just keep in mind, that due to Fumble you will have to play aggressively since saving a card for the next round is risky. You can try tempering with Helmet Of Thorns and Savvy Attacker since they were put there to support the fore-mentioned party.
    The PAYLOAD elf was born out of my eternal love for Pulverizing Hack :oops:. The main idea is that you mix as many All Out Attack as you can so that Strong Hack becomes useful and Pulverizing Hack AWESOME! And after a few tweaks mostly due to mobility issues that Zoltan's Laser Scourge solved i came up with this setup. And yes, you get to end EVERYTHING with it :D
    Finally GEORGE here has 1 x Rocket Charge which if shouted loud with a heavy Japanese accent it sounds like ROCKETO CHARGEE which is more than enough for me.
    This deck floats really easy at the 1550-1650 and its really fun to play with. Comments, ideas, and formerly confiscated pornographic material are welcomed.
  2. Ervinx

    Ervinx Mushroom Warrior

    Amir master or the rageblood a.k.a berserker elf

    level 21 elf warrior
    3x Rageblood Dagger
    1x the softener
    1x mouse boots
    1x Shield of Ultimate Dodging
    1x crusty helmet
    1x Cautious Mobility
    1x careful attacker
  3. billiska

    billiska Ogre

    Too many traits can mess up your draw limit. I approve of 2x Assegai, but it would be hard to justify converting major token into minor token.
    ... Or are we talking about an SP build here?
  4. Im not sure what you mean by SP :rolleyes: but yeah the whole concept and challenge is to go ''FULL Assegai'' . And personally i would go for ''FULL'' or nothing cause you have to have a deck thats committed to handle all these nasty traits rather than facing them as an unlucky draw.
  5. Han Lee

    Han Lee Guild Leader

    Vibrant pain seems to be a better option than zoltan laser scourge if you want to get more maneuverability on the hackmaster warrior. This way your bashes don't put you out of range for pulverizing/strong hack either. As for the bloodchopper warrior, I have no idea why the bloodchopper is in there in the first place. This seems like the build for a zoltan laser scourge instead, with all of the bashes on the warrior already. Or maybe even Le Piccolo's lash for the extra blocks and violent spin.
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  6. tiwx

    tiwx War Monkey

    Here is my favorite assegai build.

    Three lateral thinking is usually enough to deal with large weapon, and unlike arrogant armor you can still benefit from friendly buffs. The officers harness is primarily there to eat up fumbles. The main advantage of this loadout is its extreme mobility (every real attack in here can hit a non-adjacent enemy) combined with a small deck size and few dead cards. The drawback to all this is not the handicaps, which are manageable, but rather the lack of defensive cards. The build is therefore best suited to hit and run attacks on support units or flanking attacks on enemy warriors.
  7. I think even though having Vibrant Pain will certainly increase mobility it will also decrease the damage output. Laser Whip is a fine replacement for Pulverizing Hack in terms of potential dmg ( a 5-6 roll combined with AoA and insta bye-bye dorf wizard), and all these nimble strikes on an a fragile elf without any buffs will just be nuisance . As for the Bloodchopper warrior i did try him with Zoltan's Laser Scourge and the Lunging Bash were just too many and he really lucked the potential for taking out enemies, while now he cane take advantage of his movement to position him self and his enemies for an Obliterating Chop[/item][/item] .
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  8. I actually tried full Assegai with Bern's Untouchble Mail , Focused Thinker and it was horrible cause even though you take measures for Large Weapon , Fumble is guaranteed to screw this up . And i also tried playing with Xander's Mail , Captain Cedric's Helm for spending Officer's Harness as currency for Fumble , but it proved to be better in theory than action
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  9. tiwx

    tiwx War Monkey

    I am not surprised, Arrogant Armor has horrible synergy with the Assegai. In order for AA to mitigate Large Weapon you need to draw it early and then hold on to it. However, in order play around fumble you need to aggressively use your good cards so that your oldest card is always something you can afford to lose. Officer's Harness helps a bit in this regard, but not so much that I would go very far out of my way to include it. One of the reasons I used a Tango Spear is that those step 2 attacks let you fight effectively even when you fumble your racial move.

    The advantage of taking cycling handicaps instead of low value playable cards is that it raises the average card value by shrinking the deck. Since AA doesn't provide much more protection than Mail, it needs to let you cycle multiple handicaps in order to keep from being a drain on the deck. The lone large weapon on each assegai simply isn't enough to make that equation work out.
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  10. HisRoyalHygiene

    HisRoyalHygiene Guild Leader

    Some cool ideas in this thread :) I've been wanting to make a hackmaster build for a while...
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  11. Thanx :3 . It really is an immense joy when you strike an enemy dorf with 2x All Out Attack and a Pulverizing Hack
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