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    I'm surprised we've also not heard from Sucre, Pappas and Sasoo; Monsieurs 1981, 1966, and 1953 respectively.
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    + I'd like to show my interest in joining this tournament.
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    Not sure if I have 150 PVP battles, but I do have 1,000+ hours gameplay :)
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    For those that don't know: there's now an official link to the tourney rules and format: http://forums.cardhunter.com/posts/139236/

    I'm out. I took a good long look at all 10 of the maps linked in the opening post. With only one exception, I hate them all. Extremely unbalanced.

    Good luck to everyone, though.
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    edit: actually will have to drop due to tournament dates :(

    + (neoncat)
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