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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Megadestructo, May 30, 2013.

  1. wingchild

    wingchild Kobold

    True. I agree, that's a good way to go about restructuring your item collection and might be more efficient than my prior suggestion.

    Amended; I like that better than full character pages. (Thanks, Oberon.)
  2. jet800

    jet800 Kobold

    My two cents:
    • Have a table view of items, like: name, slot(aka type), level, rarity, orbs, cards.
    • Have a button to show only item wearable by currently selected character
    • Mark items used in multiplayer equipment while inside campaign shop to avoid accidentall seling of those
    • Comparsion on hover: currently if you want to compare two items you pickup one and move on top of another one equppied to see comparsion lists, it would be much easier to just hover onto any item in stash to compare with all items of same type equipped.
    • Ablity to not only sort by rarity and orbs but also filter thoose.
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  3. bluelite

    bluelite Kobold

    Hi, i was reading through this post and saw that most of my concerns about filters and sorting have been pointed out / recommended :) So i have just one more request/feedback.
    It will be good to have one more filter to sort for time received/collected. I say this because many of times I collect loot without looking at its name/level/rarity. And when i'm trying to equip my heroes, I have a hard time find the one I had just received. :) Just two cents from an addicted fan!
  4. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    I think people have suggested a table view before. It could be handy.

    However, it and the "only items wearable by current character" thing do run into the problem that your inventory is going to get huge. If you click on an item slot, it will automatically subset by that item type; and even that subset will reach out for pages and pages in a few adventures. Since you need to compare one X to another X for each slot anyway, this single-category subset usually is enough to help you decide.

    Next . . .
    Then, "automatically pop up all of the same item type equipped"? Your Wizard can have four Arcane Items, unfortunately. I don't think they can justify taking up that much screen space--on mouseover, even.

    Lastly, we're totally in agreement on filtering or subsetting. Lots of folks support that.
  5. puffkix

    puffkix Kobold

    I'd like to have an unequip all button in the inventory at all times - I love rebuilding my characters "decks" and would really enjoy being able to reset them with a click of a button instead of dragging all their equipment off of them one at a time.
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  6. jet800

    jet800 Kobold

    Read whole thing. To help with collection size there would be (currently available)search and filters by rarity, orbs and so on. I don't want to read through each slot to find all suitable for this particular charcter cards that meet power level and contain specific card in example.
  7. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Oh, I read the whole thing. Honest.

    It's just that I agree with every other thing you said about inventory sorting. And the only "other thing" that isn't already a game feature is the "filter" or "subset" request, which is a long-supported one. Most everyone on the forums would like that. Which . . . I already said in my post, since I responded to yours line-by-line, wait a minute.

    What did I do wrong?
  8. jet800

    jet800 Kobold

    Maybe i got you wrong, but point is that for some cases like "find all movement cards suitable for this character with blue orb or lower items" it's really cool to have option for showing all cards that wearable by given character than clicking through each slot.
  9. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    In the new build there's a filter that restricts items to those usable by the current character. It shows any items that you have the slot and talents to use. Note that it doesn't care whether you have used the talents or not - just that you have them available. I could add another mode where it only shows items that you currently have free talents available for.

    It also has an "unusable" mode - just because.

    Let me know what you think.

    I'm planning to do more work on collection organisation too!
  10. Mutak

    Mutak Goblin Champion

    I'll throw in my vote for the "only things i can equip" filter. Not just my race/class/slot, but also taking into account the number of Power Tokens i currently have available. Saving builds and all that other stuff too - that's must-have functionality imo.

    Edit...Just read Jon's post.

    Is that in the build that just went up last night, or not yet released? If it's in there i can't figure out how to use it.

    Are you just talking about the O sort? That's helpful but i'd really like to see something that would dynamically hide or reveal items as i tweaked my gear. Like if i'm all decked out, nothing would show up in the equipment section, but as soon as i remove a piece of gear, all the things that could fill that spot, taking into account slot and talents, would appear.
  11. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    How about an "Unequip All and Remove" button next to the "Remove From Party" button? Just "Unequip All" would work too.

    I'd like a "Save Party" button (in MP and Campaign) that records who is in the party and everything they were using. Bonus points if shops warn you when you try to sell something needed by a saved party.
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  12. Stefan

    Stefan Mushroom Warrior

    I'd like a "Save Party" button (in MP and Campaign) that records who is in the party and everything they were using. Bonus points if shops warn you when you try to sell something needed by a saved party.[/quote]

    Being a new player I do like the Idea of the "Save Party" button, or the like I would defiantly stop me selling things that are used in the MP Party or some other Party I was testing.
  13. Zychuu

    Zychuu Kobold

    I fell same as Stefan. Its very annoying when I have 3 campaign chars and 6 mp(2 packs) and each of them wearing few items. In equipment organization window and in the shops should be option letting hide items used in MP party and preventing by this way from unintentional selling items used actually in mp ;/
  14. Sayeth Aether

    Sayeth Aether Mushroom Warrior

    Well, I would say that hiding any and all items which are currently being weared by the characters in both campaign and multiplayer would be useful only when you visit shops. When you are in a keep and you want to reorganize stuff, it is useless to have your stuff hidden while on the other hand, it is much safer to sell stuff when you are sure that everything sold is currently useless to all the parties you have
  15. RattyZ

    RattyZ Mushroom Warrior

    This is what I'm looking for. I often have to sort by Level / Talent cost to try and find the "budget" replacements for slots that I put less emphasis on.

    Maybe have a "Favorites" Item section we can flag items to be apart of?
  16. penda

    penda Mushroom Warrior

    Some sort of favorite filter would be great. There are tons of items I don't ever consider using unless I'm doing low level campaigns. I'd sell them but it's not worth the time for 1 gold.
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  17. BFrost

    BFrost Kobold

    I'd like to join the chorus for "unequip all" button.
    Also, an ability to save decks/builds would be really handy.
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  18. Todd Corley

    Todd Corley Kobold

    I second the deck builder idea! I find myself going back for specific sets of cards for different types of opponents.

    How about using the base castle for storage as well. I would like a couple of chests where I could store things I like, but don't want to use right this second.
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  19. Mattheus

    Mattheus Kobold

    It'd be great if there was some sort of gear set option. For example, I could save a couple of different gear sets for my wizard. I could have my main set and then a set that is heavy on fire aoe for when that's needed for a fight. Ideally I'd be able to switch between the gear sets with just one button press. It would also be nice if I couldn't accidentally sell items that are in my inventory but part of an unequipped set.
  20. Blindsight

    Blindsight Ogre

    It's in the works.

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