Cursed Radcannon

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  1. visak13

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    I guess this makes the Uncommon Gunward Shield sound so much Legendary. Plus you can use a few Counterspell s on the warrior with the help of one steel helmet(Please use wiki). I guess 2 x Reliable Mail is more reliable than 3 x Softener(I can't find the exact place where this was mentioned).
  2. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Shimmering still does a stellar job against any type of magic damage, and it does so with minimum wage.
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  3. Jacques

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    The problem with Burst 2 is that not only requires zero skill and no care of positioning, but that it's so rare atm (you need multiple Searing Pains or Cursed Radcannons along with Skull of Savage Iljin's) that teching against it is a bad idea, as the chance to be paired against one of these builds is very little. So, the very few players who have acces to these kind of builds got a free pass to the 1700-1800 elo.

    I'm curious about what the devs think of Burst 2 (which shouldn't exist imo, at least for damage spells). They have nerfed stuff like FS before, which was a non dominant but also very hard to build deck, because it didn't care about positioning. Well, Burst 2 has the same problem, as hiding from a burst 2 spell is impossible, with the difference that it actually is a dominant deck.
  4. Christofff

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    There are still a numer of options to deal with buffed burst attacks.

    Auto-block is a beating against them, as is purging burst to debuff and fish out blocks. What aobut simply getting close enough that they can;'t burst for they will damage their own guys.

    Not to mention, you still only get 3 rad bombs per cursed radcannon. Like searing pain. Some games you only draw 1 or 2. Not to mention, you have to really compromise the rest of deck to support it in the form of ZERO anti-armor cards. Which means one reliable mail prevents half the damage of your spears of darkness, two reliable mails prevents all and means you only take 2 damage from a fully buffed rad bomb.

    So I feel, it can be dangerous against slow players, but against assertive play with solid build (with or without auto-block / purging burst / shimmering aura), I don't feel Billiska's build is OP.
  5. billiska

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    To add to more strategy against burst 2: don't expect to not get hit, but force opponent to hit inefficiently. Spread out. On maps like the 'arena' rotation this is really easy. So I didn't play rad bomb that rotation.

    Similar story to volcano btw. Sometimes you need to accept the pass that will damage 1 of your char instead of moving that char and get another volcano on all 3.
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  6. Cooldood

    Cooldood Kobold

    Agree with Billiska.

    Also don't forget the simple that savage curse means you discard a card each time you burst attack. This is significant. And sometimes can be a godsend when it causes opponents to discard their moves, makes them easy to pick off.

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