Caverns of Chaos

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Obernoob, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Yxklyx

    Yxklyx Mushroom Warrior

    I'm finding the difficulty in these battles highly variable - which I guess is OK. Getting really good rares/epics and a level 18 legendary even though I haven't progressed too far into it tonight.
  2. Christofff

    Christofff Guild Leader

    congrats on finishing it ;) since you are the first, could you upload a pic of the legendary crown treasure in your inventory?
    how was the final two levels?
    i have never made it lvl 10, what did you face? what did you have?? dio you have any tips for beating the last few battles, {besdies drawing nimbus ;))} ??
  3. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I usually do a little better farming the campaign for the same time spent, and getting Sharp Shell as your epic from a level 21 adventure can be a bummer. On the other hand, running CoC doesn't exhaust any adventures for Fairy/Bandit hunting, so it's great to run while waiting for the move. On the whole, I'm happy with the loot level.
    How about you?
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  4. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Lots of epics dropping, which I don't really need, but they're rounding out the collection (need 12 for arcane items) and the epic treasures are very nice.
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  5. Yxklyx

    Yxklyx Mushroom Warrior

    Really? Are you doing quests then? Even then you need to run about 3 battles to get a guaranteed rare right? Nearly all the battles in CoC give rares or better and I've gotten a couple of epics and a level 20 legendary just for 3 attempts that didn't get me that far in.
  6. Bykuzplastiku

    Bykuzplastiku Orc Soldier

    Drops are quite big. I have fought like 100 to 120 battles and get from 0 gold to 3,5k during the process selling mostly treasures and rare items.

    The difficulty lvl is very very random. On lvls > 6 sometimes is much easier then 4-5. I have managed to get to the level 10 four times but was not able to finish any of these attempts.

    My biggest concern about this mode is a lack of attack cards in the character decks. My runs ends in 2/3 of the attempts on the setups that are very difficult to win and you can see it from the beginning. Most of this situations occur when i got priests and elf wizards stacked with support cards with no attack for 2 - 3 rounds and little heal cards on a map where there is open space and enemies are attacking from all sides. No place to run, low hp and you cannot fight back. The second situation is when you face enemies with immunities. For example adult wyverns when all you got is support priest and 2 elf wizards one stacked with blocks and second almost pure lightning and no place to run (no armour removal). The third situation is a spam of archers and imps versus slow characters with no distance attacks. Such draws are really annoying.

    Same thing for the battle 10. 2 times of my 4 tries were situations when in first 10+ cards i draw upon turns 1-3 (i got draw boosts) i got 1 attack card and was facing Bigbrain with mind hooks and shooters. Most my draws were team-moves, drawing cards or other crap like stone feet, sure blessings etc. etc.

    My suggestion is to rebalance decks a bit and add more attack cards. Other then that the mode is interesting and drops are surprisingly high.
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  7. Yxklyx

    Yxklyx Mushroom Warrior

    I think the high variability with some near impossible battles is a good thing - otherwise a good player could just farm forever. To finish level 10 you really need an awful amount of luck.
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  8. Bykuzplastiku

    Bykuzplastiku Orc Soldier

    But making a battle impossible to finish by not giving to a player attack cards is simply not ok and it is frustrating. :p
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  9. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    My first go at CoC - won the first map on second round, got a feeling that this will go well :)
    First go at CoC.jpg
  10. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    Second time making it to node 10 (probably my 20th-or-so run overall), got three standard warriors against Troll King, a mind flenser, some electric sprites and lizard spearmen. Took out the spearmen and flenser right quick, though I lost one warrior to a flensing. After that though it was just a matter of loading up on armor to survive the sprites while playing keep away with the Troll King. Whenever possible I'd run away from the King in the direction of the sprites, and over 5+ rounds was able to kill them all off leaving just the Troll King. That meant ditch all the armor, save movement and stabs. And slowly, and carefully stabbed my way to victory never once taking a shot from the King. The Crown is mine! :D
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  11. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Gratz! Sounds like you got some good drops! :)
    It's mainly the time aspect. The guaranteed rares and epics don't show up in the campaign, but I often draw weak characters in CoC that make the battles very slow. Often long enough to run 3 to 5 mid-level campaign maps. If I play a long battle and lose (which doesn't happen while farming the campaign), I get nothing, and I've lost that much farming time.
    I'm fully stocked on most rares (all except EttSC), many epics, and a lot of legendaries. The drop level restrictions in the campaign allow a better chance to get items that aren't excess, even if the RNG usually voids the chance.
    That said, the guaranteed rares and epics are very helpful to newer players building their collections. I'm particularly very happy we finally have repeatable guaranteed epic drops in the campaign.
    It is frustrating, but having random unwinnable battles is a key point of CoC. Just like a normal card game, one shouldn't expect to win every time.
    Mmmmm. Chicken! :cool:
  12. Wildarm

    Wildarm Ogre

    Got to level 10 on my first try. Ended up with losing a character round 2 due to a parry fail vs mental flensing on Rnd1. 2 characters remaining held their own but did not have enough DPS to kill the dragon.
  13. Juxtapostion

    Juxtapostion Hydra

    First time to level 10...
    CoC lvl 10.jpg

    So Glasod is cool....

    CoC armor.png

    Not cool enough...

    I am actually surprised that Blitz is in the CoC. I knew it was supposed to be hard. But not impossible. Though If my lady elf had been one with sunder it might have been a different story....
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  14. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    This is the only reason why I have only played through CoC once - if I FINALLY get to lvl 10 and get Blizzy, I... I... I dont know what I would do ;)
  15. PDXTai

    PDXTai Ogre

    For those who have completed CoC, can you run through it with your own characters afterwards? That would seem like a huge advantage. I really like the challenge of using random parties. Does that option go away once you beat CoC?
  16. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    The one that you currently have remains as is, and another adventure opens that is identical to CoC but uses your own party throughout. So once you beat it you get the option of either/both.
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  17. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    You're continuing a trend.
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  18. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    Identical as in identical except the reward(rare for completion but no other guaranteed reward upgrades) and yea you can use your party.
  19. Christofff

    Christofff Guild Leader


    While I enjoy the randomness, I don't enjoy the unfair randomness of the later levels of CoC, as many have mentioned here and in-game.

    Getting to round 7 is usually doable half the time, 8 I will win maybe 1/5 then 9 have yet to beat and 10 well God knows.

    But I appreciate the effort of the devs and all who made it. Maybe is it possible to slightly tweak the program, so that it's a little easier at first, and then once you complete the adventure, it downloads an update which makes it harder.

    This would also, remove a little of the stress that comes with playing later levels and not wanting to makemistakes, for those of us who aren't as good as Happenstance or Scarponi.

    Alternatively, is it possible to program so that we all get a single retry option available after a failed adventure for 50 gold? If this is possible, please let me know and I wl setup a vote to confirm that most would like this.


    Why not simply make it an adventure that it exhausts every day? This would allow more changes to be made to make it fun, while still not being easily exploitable for loot.

    Plus, playing CH now is kinda addictive. This would prevent players playing CH all day to endlessly loot the adventure.
  20. Juxtapostion

    Juxtapostion Hydra

    now that i am finally done crying from the blitz ezperience ... i really really really REALLY like CoC! Like really. Great job! I think it has everything a random repeatable adventure should have- random, repeatable, good loot, difficult battles, happy ending?, and massive addictive quality!

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