Caverns Of Chaos ridiculous levels

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  1. I am posting some screenshots of setups I encountered in CoC runs. Some have very bad starting layouts, while others are impossible. Post your own "Uh-oh" CoC level and let's make a funny gallery and discuss strategy.

    CoC 1.jpg CoC 2.jpg CoC 3.jpg CoC 4.jpg CoC throne.jpg
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    I suggest you put the images inside your post instead of them being attachments(which we can download but can't view the image).
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  3. Fixed!
  4. That first one tho...
  5. Trolls are pretty much impossible without the right setup. That takes the cake. In fact the cake is there. Ready to destroy you.
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  6. Yes, the cake by itself is hard enough. Ranged attacks that encumber you and push you back, spawns enemies that move fast and hit hard... But to tell you the truth, I lost this level because of the thought muncher. Because of its mind munch I couldn't stack moves, and the trolls got near. I got the cake down to 25 health and had 1 troll left but it was doomed from the start. Oh well, it could have been worse, with the Captain as a lieutenant.
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    Here is the worst CoC setup I've seen:

    and here's the worst one that I've beaten: :D
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  8. Yeah I love the laser bacon wizard. The AI doesn't seem to realize that the adjacent squares are bad.
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    Typo of the day.
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  10. Regarding the maps I posted, I only failed the throne room, and the 1st one, in which I was left with one robot with 13hp, but died from poison. Second map I hid behind the rock so the turrets couldn't see me and after killing the storges it was pretty easy. Third map I killed the lone cockroach and with flank move and run team I took cover. It was all about movement afterwards, since robots and Towers killed more enemies than I did. The fourth became easy when the first card the Tower played was Rook Push.

    Unforunately, I didn't get a screenshot of the most impossible setup I ever faced, the one I died at round 1. It was the first level of the Pools of Slime (shown below) with 2 laser turrets next to where the green slime is (shown with red), and 2 cameras at the niche where the black slime is (shown with cyan). Total death :)
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    For what it's worth, the cake does not spawn enemies in Caverns of Chaos.
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  12. Another gem for this collection. Made it to round 2 after killing the turrets but then the Blinking Wisps zapped the hell out of me :)

    CoC 5.jpg
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