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    On that first match where I vanished (and thought you were taking extra long, ha), man, I had a Mighty Hack and even Unnerving Strike waiting to go, lol. I can't remember what else, unfortunately. (Maybe another Nimble Strike to Fly away at the end? Ha ha ha. Maybe a block, though, I just don't recall.) I was trying to have Binwin say...
    /1 An Adaptable Werewolf! All I need.
    $:^ P

    I don't in the least bit recall what my last card was in the second part. (And btw, I was assuming the second part was a rematch of #1 in the set, not match #2 in the set. I suppose that should've been stated clearly one way or another before starting it, but I was pretty frustrated at not being able to get back online. Just wanted to go go go, etc. In my mind, I was conceding after two failed attempts at match #1. Anyway, PSA, word of warning to anyone else, if it happens to you, just make sure both combatants are on the same page for rematch-or-not on early disconnections.)

    EDIT: I don't recall if it got into the video, (and I'm having a hard enough time posting, not gonna try watching again, ha,) but whereas I said at the beginning of the first match that BVD's scenario had no timer, I corrected that at the beginning of the second match that, no, BVD's scenario does have a timer, my mistake. (Not sure how I saw that wrong in practice.)
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    Great vid and commentary, Ivy!
  3. dakuan

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    i'm afraid me and gingrich won't get to schedule our match... when he'S usually online here in italy is from 2 to 6 AM, i've been up last two nights wating for his response, but nothing, and i doubt we'll get to play within tonight...
  4. Sasoo8

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    The deadline for Round 2 has passed!

    karnal1 advanced because BVD has not been reachable for the past 2 weeks
    TheIvyX, Robauke, McKeen, and Force.ofWill has advanced because they won their Round 2 matches
    El Viejo Dakuan, GasterBlasterMaster, and Santandrea advanced to the next round, selected by a random number generator (odd number = top person advanced. even number= bottom person advanced)

    These three winners have been randomly chosen because their matches were not set-up before the deadline.

    You have until WEDNESDAY NIGHT, server reset time (December 20th) to coordinate with your opponents and play your Round 3 matches!

    Round 3 (2 if there are no byes) must be completed before December 11th -----> December 20th
    The Semifinals must be completed before December 18th ------> December 23rd
    The Finals must be completed before December 25th


    Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.41.37 PM.png
  5. mckeen

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    I beat El Viejo Dakuan to go into the semi-final
  6. mckeen

    mckeen Hydra

    I beat GasterMasterBlaster to go into the final... I am out for a couple of days but will be back Wednesday night (UK) this week
  7. Sasoo8

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    All the matches except the final round has been played! The finalists are Mckeen and karnal1, both of whom are undefeated!

    Here's the current bracket. Robauke and IvyX played an exciting and close BO3.

    GasterBlasterMaster defeated IvyX for the 3rd place match. Congrats on placing third!

    Mckeen should be back by Wednesday, so thats when the finals will be played. I'll try to get the admins to distribute the prizes by Christmas

    Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 4.36.37 PM.png
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  8. karnal1

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    good, the final was played on Saturday 23/12/2017 the result was 3-1 in favor of karnal 1, Any questions speak with Mckeen
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  9. mckeen

    mckeen Hydra

    I concur... most the games were close but Karnal had the best of me
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  10. I saw 3 of 4 games. I missed the last one. But I can said was a great final. Super close games.

    At, First game, Warrior against Warrior: With Mckeen blocking 3 times with unrealible blocks, and karnal1 missing lucky charm 3 times. Note than karnal1 was with 6 hp and Mckeen was at 24 at some point of the game. Them karnal1 started a comeback. At the last round karnal had 3 hp and Mckeen had 4. A War cry of Mckeen seal the game combined with a powerful bludgeon.

    Second game, Mage vs Warrior. Karnal1 with a Control mage. Was a tense game, the frenzy aura of Mckeen was destroying karnal 1 life points. But ice and TK was enough to win by VP. Mckeen was at 1 nimble strike to win.

    Third Game, Warrior vs Mage. Mckeen with a control mage. Super tense game, another Last hit Game. Force field of mckeen dealing against WW warrior of karnal1. And earning VP. Mckeen was one TK or one hit away of win that. Karnal1 was low hp (3 hp) and at 1 star to lose. But he get in range to hit a sunderstrike with battle rage and blind rage.

    Four Game, couldn't see it, because I have a dinner with some friends. But I'm sure it should be another crazy last hit game.
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  11. Sasoo8

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    Thanks for the great commentary, Force! I'm sad I didn't get to see the finals, because I was outside for most of the day.

    Congratulations to karnal1, the winner of the Cardhuntrian Winter Boxing Tournament! As BVD laid out in the first post, the prizes are:

    1st - $10 Pizza Code-- karnal1
    2nd - 4 Epic Chests-- Mckeen
    3rd - 2 Epic Chests-- GasterBlasterMaster

    I've talked to Flaxative, and he said that the admins are still sponsoring the prizes for the tournament. I'm not clear on the exact delivery date, but hopefully it's by Christmas or at least New Years.

    Cheers to the community for participating in the tournament and making it so enjoyable to host and watch! I had fun spectating all the matches that I got to coordinate. Keep your eyes peeled for another (Easter?) tournament coming up around March.
  12. mckeen

    mckeen Hydra

    Prizes all delivered, thanks to Sasoo8 for taking over the organization and Flaxative for the supply of prizes. I look forward to the next tournament!
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