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    I do see this and understand how it could seem to be powerful, but from what I remember in the last tournament immovable was not much of a problem especially considering I didnt see anyone run bash and violent spin which brings me back to the argument of whether you really want to have a silver quality trait that has the chance of having close to no effect over an 11 damage bludgeon.
    Hm... you two have covered the reasons why I said "probably wont ban" rather than will not for sure. My main problem with lycan is while you could draw good cards that will benefit you in the short or long run, you are also drawing from a separate deck which disrupts any sort of tactic (eg nimble strike) you may have in your play style and makes you run head on at the enemy which is both predictable and avoidable.
    After your points I will still not ban lycan or howl as I want to allow players to use as wide a range of options in this tournament as possible but if it proves to be a problem I will bring the hammer down.
  2. I think it will be more interesting if you can only have one deck and one character with a maximun of 1 item as a side deck (for the whole tournament). It will add a lot more of strategy and with that, people can't change just to counter mages and priest. It will be harder for the organizers but i'm sure it will more fun.

    By other hand I donĀ“t know yet if i will be able to play at december.
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    Conquest format might be interesting:
    • Each players has to craft one deck for each class and must win with all three decks (Bo5).
    • When a player wins a game, the deck/class used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match.
    • The losing player can keep the same deck used or switch to a different one of their choice.
    • No sideboard for decks.
    edit: Or 2 classes/decks per player and Bo3 (and finals 3 decks and Bo5).
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  4. BlackVoidDeath

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    That does sound interesting and could be an idea for the future because its too late to change the rules that heavily.
    But I do see an issue where priests are really meant to be support characters so they dont really have many cards that help in this tourney meaning that it would usually go to the final round with both players using priests.
  5. bbblaci

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    i have what it takes bbblaci
  6. I have what it takes.


    Also i don't know why you think priests don't have good cards for the tourney? 2 of the most overpowered builds for this i've seen are priests?
  7. I have what it takes
  8. karnal1

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    I have what it takes karnal1
  9. BlackVoidDeath

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    Submissions unofficially closed.
    I will create the brackets asap but will allow people to sign up before my next post.
  10. 3beaner

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    I dont have what it takes


    Need to withdraw, unfortunately. Just found out I'm going to be traveling to Brazil for the 2nd half of December and highly unlikely I'll be online during that time to play my matches. Someone else can have my spot. Good luck to all the contestants!
  11. BlackVoidDeath

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    Let the games begin!

    I also joined for the heck of it.
    Sorry to see you go, 3beaner hope you enjoy your travels!
    @Santandrea - player nkls messaged me on the live server saying they want to join but they dont have a forum account yet. I decided to let them join anyway because I was afk at the time they messaged me so I will try to get them to create a forum account, if you do see them before then and play your matches out that would be fine.
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  12. 3beaner

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    oh no [SRC] v [SRC] in the 2nd round!
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  13. Gingrich Yurr

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    I have defeated Gast86
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  14. BlackVoidDeath

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    First blood has been shed by Gingrich Yurr. Congratulations.
    @Santandrea I have not been able to catch nkls online, so I will allow you to have a free bypass for that match. Your new opponent is @bbblaci
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  15. Paper Crit

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    I concede rd. 1 to Robauke due to irl family matters. Good luck to all, happy holidays.
  16. squirrat

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    Haven't seen my opp online yet...
  17. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Aww, sorry to hear, Paper. $:^ [
    I hope things work out well enough for you all!
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  18. TheIvyX

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    fite me

    also I didn't see the challonge bracket until I remembered I entered this tournament and then looked further into the post @BlackVoidDeath, I would recommend editing that into the main post
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    Yeah, I've been online a few times today. Haven't seen you yet. (In fact, I came to the forum to send a Conversation your way, but saw this here.) I'll try again early-ish tomorrow and then that night, too (3am-ish UTC).

    EDIT: Hmmmm, (it being tomorrow now,) haven't seen you today, either. Just looks like our schedules don't match up well.
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  20. Just a piece of improvement for the next tournament: perhaps consider something like a qualification phase on time-zone/continent base. So only the last two to three rounds suffer from the differences in the activity pattern of each player. But this might seem a bit over the top for only 18 contestants.
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