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  1. ParodyKnaveBob

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  2. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    Here's 3 Bronze- class trait so you can get tokenless focused skills

    Travel Light[Bronze-]
    Boost/Handicap (U)
    Duration 3
    At the beginning of your turn, discard all armor cards in your hand and add a walk to your hand for each armor discarded this way.

    Resist Temptation[Bronze-]
    Boost/Handicap (U)
    Duration 3
    Whenever another card from you or your allies is attached to you, reduce that card duration by 1.

    Verbal Component[Bronze-]
    Boost/Handicap (U)
    Duration 3
    Trait. At the Beginning of your turn, reveal all Magic Cards in your Hand. Revealed Magic Attacks you play deal 2 more damage if they target at least one character.When playing against the Game Master, don't draw a card to replace this.
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  3. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    I don't see any reason to use Travel Light, especially since Thick Hide Armor and Dynamic Armor are available. Replacing blocks instead would provide synergy with Wind Dancer, but I still don't see any reason to use it.

    What does Resist Temptation do if the duration starts at 1? (Impenetrable Nimbus, Firestorm)

    We don't have any support currently for altering the stats of cards before they are played. You'd have to attach Verbal Component, and then its effect would apply to all revealed Magic cards.
  4. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    They are intended to be weak enough that triple tokenless skill with them aren't that good, and I think there are definitely some helmets with bad armor cards and good non-armor cards, some so meh that trading them for a walk can be nice.

    Ideally, resist temptation would just auto remove them.

    And I guess verbal component could just boost targeted magic effects since it seems that ethereal form tracks them
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  5. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Plenty of cards care about non/targeted.

    Travel Light would be amazing with Toughened Hide Strips and Officer's Harness.

    Resist Temptation is hardly a Boost at all. I mean, like, it's technically a Boost like Negative Energy Being is technically a Handicap. I see how it helps against other attachable Handicaps, but the fact that it doesn't affect enemy controlled cards, eh (@ Boost).

    Neat cards in general, though, and definitely a neat concept to strive for tokenless Focused—especially incorporating a built-in drawback, considering (or despite that) there's no Focused Blind Rage item.

    E for Effort. $;^ P
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  6. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    Reimaging Castle Mitternacht: Many (CM) Attacks have some form of conditional damage. This card would be less powerful compared to Elvish Insight, but is more consistent regardless of enemy race. As I understand it, Devastating Blow would not do full damage the first time, though it would do the second time. Magic Laser Attacks would be an interesting choice, yet I don't see a slightest chance of EWiz becoming strong.
    Fey Inquisitor
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever the damage of an Attack you play is increased by that Attack's effect, affected characters reveal their hand. Duration 2.

    Now, here's an Attack card to accompany it. It's got a Flaring Torch-like interaction that can scale with attachment trigger effect. Together with the previous card, the whole enemy hand would be replaced. I don't think it's viable to hit your own (Nimbused) Wind Dancer.
    Attack Melee Fire
    Damage 7, Range 1
    Target character discards all revealed cards and then draw the same number. Free Draw. When this card does damage, increase its damage by 1 for each revealed card in target's hand. Burning 3. Duration 1.

    This one is supposed to be a CF card. I'm not sure how positioning would work with this card, but it definitely has some real potential.
    Spiritual Seal
    Utility Magic
    Range 10
    Target an ally. Affected squares become Illusionary Terrain (Enemies must Stop. Enemies may not sight through). Duration 2. Linear.
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  7. doublequartz

    doublequartz Lizardman Priest

    You know that feeling when you draw too many Moves. "Mobility is king" and all that, and we still have Elves suffer. This state of affair has made me think about cards that turn mobility into health.

    I began with an AoA-like, table-throwing design. Probably not a good idea, but I like the way it makes forcing enemy move important.
    Slashing Blitz
    Attack, Move Melee Slashing
    Damage 4, Range 1
    Step 2. Discard all your Move cards before you play this. For each card discarded, this card gains 4 damage and Hard to Block 1.

    Well dang. Warriors aren't the class we're supposed to be helping! And so I looked at existing cards that'd be cool but is mostly unplayable. Smashing Spin is limited to Elf Skill slot where traits are expected, whereas Violent Spin inexplicably isn't. Smashing Spins could actually have playable boots itemization, but one-off 2 damage just isn't flashy. It's kind of dumb, but reusability is really the only way for weaker effect to gain interesting potential.
    Smashing Flail
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you start a move, do 2 Crushing damage to every enemy adjacent to you. Duration 2.

    Healing Dash is playable, but is limited to 2 mostly because Talented Healer exists. Reusable Healing Dashes almost seem too good, but would you spend a move and yield your position just to heal up? It could tank Step attacks all day I guess, as long as the map allow circling, but it just doesn't sound like a winning gameplan to me. So I'm gonna call this balanced at limited availability, like SCA.
    Endurance Aura
    Armor, Boost
    Armor 1. Keep. When you play a Move card, at the end of that Move, Heal 1 for every square you are distant from your starting square.
    "Keep your breath up, we're in this for a long haul." -Skarn Elkinford
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  8. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Um, okay. In PvE my elves are still kicking much arse, but PvP is not my domain. I will take advantage of any advantage I'm granted, because the bots don't hold a grudge.
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  9. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold


    When you die to an enemy attack, attach this card to all your remaining allies.
    Frenzy 5, all the attacks you play gain Unblockable. Duration 1.


    When an ally dies,you move 2,create a Vengeance card in your hand and create and attach an Unholy Curse to the enemy that caused the kill.

    Projectile Sonic[Silver]
    When enemy plays a Assist card, Cancel that card and discard it instead.

    War Preparation
    Projectile Sonic [Emerald] ,Range 4
    Target an ally Character and an enemy Character. That ally draw X cards until that ally have same amount of cards of that opponent or draw limit is reached. May not Self Target.

    Boost [Silver]

    When your enemy play a card affecting you or your ally, affected allies draw a card of the same Quality . Repeat if its not the same quality or you have drawn 5 cards. You must be facing that enemy.

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  10. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold

    Blade of Wounds
    .[Copper] Damage 2, Range 1
    Melee Slashing.
    Whenever you take damage, increase the damage of the Card by 1.Free Card

    Progressing Armor
    Armor.[Silver - ]

    Armor 0.At the start of each round, gain additional Armor 1 until it reaches armor 4.Keep

    Charging Laser.
    Magic Laser. Damage 4 Range 6. [Silver+]

    Minor Erratic Damage.At the start of each round, gain Add 1 to the dice roll when you play this attack.

    Sneaky Longspear.
    Melee Attack. [Silver -]
    Melee Piercing, Damage 6 Range 3

    Unblockable. You can`t play this card if there are more than 1 character other than you within 3 squares in sight.

    Magic Arcane. Range 6. [Silver?]

    Discard a card from Target Character`s hand. Remove all copies of the Discarded card from Target Character`s hand.

    Versatile Attacker

    Trait. Reveal your hand. Melee Frenzy X. X equals to the type of attacks you have in your hand. Duration 3.
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  11. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold

    We fight together!
    Assist. Projectile Sonic

    Attach to you and an ally, when you take damage, transfer 2 points of damage to that ally. Duration 2.

    Mind Distraction.
    Attack. Magic Unholy.
    Attach to target. At the start of each round, target draw 1 fewer card. Duration 2.

    Fumbling Perplexing Ray.
    Attack.Magic Arcane. [Copper]

    Target discard their oldest card and then draw a card. Unblockable.Cantrip

    Chance Encounter!
    Utility.Projectile Sonic

    Each of your character roll a dice with the corresponding enemy character. The one that get a higher dice point draw a card. Free Draw

    Curse of the Vampire
    Projectile Sonic
    Mandatory Action. Attach to all characters. When ever you would heal, take that amount of damage instead. Duration 2.Unblockable

    Victory Declaration!
    Attack. Projectile Sonic. Damage 0, Range 4.
    Increase its damage by 3 for every two Sonic card in the discard pile.
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  12. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold

    Last Stand.
    Boost.[Silver +]

    When this card is discarded, draw a card
    Frenzy 4 if your health is lower than 5

    Last Hurrah.
    Melee Crushing. Damage 13. Range 1.

    1.You can only play this card if you don`t have any other Attack card in hand, Unblockable.Penetrating
    2.When you take damage, discard your oldest attack other than this.

    Block. No rolls.[Gold]
    Block Any
    . Create and attach a Scream! to the attacker. You may only block with this card when your health is under than 5.

    Sacrificing Block

    1.[No Rolls]Block Any Attack that does more than the health of an ally with in 3 squares. Free Card
    You take 5 damage and discard your hand.

    Lifesaving Armor

    Armor 2.Keep 5+
    If an enemy controlled attack would have killed you, instead set your health to 1.Discard this card.

    Silence Before The Storm
    Projectile Sonic. Range 6

    Trait. All characters within range Heal 8.Create and attach a Vulnerable card to all affected characters.

    Cooperative Attack
    Melee Slashing. Damage 8 Range 1[Copper+]

    If there is an ally adjacent to the target when you play this attack, that ally also deal 1 unpreventable damage to the target.
    (So this card may be considered as a multiple damage source attack and avoid the immunity effects of Toughness?)
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  13. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold

    This part is about shuffling a card to opponent`s deck after use, with the card`s effect getting stacked for every shuffle the take place.
    Demon`s Invitation


    1.Target Character draw a card, you take 3 points of Unholy Damage for each card drawn.This Damage can be prevented by Armor. Shuffle this card to the top of your farthest enemy`s deck.
    2.Whenever this card is shuffled, add 1 to the card draw. Keep.

    Splitting Nunchaku
    Melee Crushing. Damage 4 Range 3.

    Unbuffable.After you play this card, the card gains +2 Damage and -1 Range and is shuffled to the top of the closest enemy`s deck

    Psychic Heal
    Assist.Magic Holy.Range 8

    Heal 6. Shuffle this card to an enemy Priest`s deck after use if possible and the card gains -3 Heal. If not, you take 6 points of holy damage and the card is discarded.
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  14. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold

    And this part brings the new Intel idea since currently devastating blow really lacked some combos
    Intel X: Reveal X cards in the opponent`s hand.

    Assist/Magic Psychic.
    At the start of each round, draw 3 cards instead of 2, then you choose one from the 3 cards and put it to the bottom of your deck. Duration 3.

    Move 8.
    Intel 3. You must end this move within 2 squares of an enemy.

    Mind Reader
    Create 8 copies of Information Is Power and shuffle them to your deck.

    Mind Splitter
    Create 8 copies of Information Burst and shuffle them to your deck.

    Information Is Power
    Magic Psychic

    Intel 1.Heal 1. Draw a card.

    Information Burst
    Attack. Magic Psychic. Range 10
    Intel 1, you and target take 1 Penetrating Psychic Damage. Draw a card.

    Confident Blow.
    Melee Crushing. Damage 8 Range 1.
    Gains Unblockable and Penetrating if target hand is fully revealed

    Trait. If your party played any Intel card this turn, you retain one more card at the end of the round. Duration 3


    Utility. Magic Range?
    Intel 1. Deploy a Security Camera with 2 HP at target square, choose its facing.
    Whenever a character in Security Camera`s range of sight draw a card, reveal it. At the start of each round, take 1 damage.

    A Bold Plan
    Utility. Psychic
    Intel 3. Create a Bold Bash card in your hand, then Reveal your hand

    Bold Bash
    Attack, Melee Crushing Damage 7 Range 1

    Slide Back 1. This card does 1 more damage for each revealed card in your hand

    Whenever you play a Psychic card, it gains additional Intel 1. Duration 2
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  15. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold

    Indeed lol you only need 3 move cards and an AOA to do a 32 dmg with step 2...Probably if Step attacks are excluded it`ll be better
  16. LA3535361444

    LA3535361444 Kobold

    Some Crazy Stuff...LOL

    Projectile Sonic

    1.Select an ally and an enemy of the Same Class. Attach this card to both characters. Their attacks gain Frenzy 3 to each other. May Self Target. Duration 6 or until either target is killed
    2.When this card is purged, attach a Fright to the purged target. Discard all Duels attached to other characters.

    Fog of War
    Magic Arcane

    Target puts a random card back to the top of their deck, and create one copy of that card to the top of the target`s deck.

    Unsolid Walls
    Utility. Magic Arcane

    Target X squares become Wall Terrain(Block Terrain). X equals to the sum of remaining enemy characters. Then create a "Sonic Blast" card in all enemies hand. Duration 3

    Sonic Blast
    Magic Sonic

    1. Target Wall Terrain become Stone Terrain(Stop). Range 4.
    2. Damage 2 Range 4. This attack ignores all Block Terrain.

    Empty City Strategy

    Attach to target character. If that character have no cards in hand, that character cannot be targeted. Duration 3

    Stripping Blade
    Attack/Boost [Gold]
    Melee Slashing. Damage 9 Range 1.
    1. This attack ignores all attachments on the target Character.
    2.Discard all cards boosting the damage value of an enemy attack affecting you. That attack instead only does base damage.
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  17. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    Trait. Whenever you discard a card deal 1 unblockable penetrating psychic damage to each adjacent character. Duration 2.

    Trait. Whenever you draw a card deal 1 unblockable penetrating psychic damage to each adjacent character. Duration 2.

    Warriors' Battle Cry
    Each warrior deals 4 crushing melee damage to each adjacent character.

    Humane Treatment
    Each human character heals 4. Unblockable.

    Arcane Pact
    Each character adjacent to a wizard discards their oldest card. Unblockable.

    Divine Forgiveness
    Discard all attachments attached to each priest character. Discard all attachments in the squares occupied by priest characters. Unblockable.
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  18. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Wow. A lot to contemplate here.

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