Burnt Pudding help.

Discussion in 'Adventure Discussion and Strategy' started by DeathsDesign, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. DeathsDesign

    DeathsDesign Kobold

    OK, I'm back to grovel some more. Having a hard time with this one. Read Penw1n's log and it was informative, but I am still getting wiped out. With Skeletons I can't use slash or pen and ooze I can't use bludgeons. I don't get anywhere near close to finishing these guys off. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    Since those are armor cards, you can use wizard's anti-armor cards to remove them. I just loaded up my wizard with the anti-armor amulets and my warrior with chops.
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  3. Pokemath

    Pokemath Mushroom Warrior

    I remember disliking that level. You have two options: double warriors/ warrior-priest with distinct movesets and the like, or the anti-armor mentioned above. Remember that skeletons usually keep two copies of the armor in their hand.
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  4. DeathsDesign

    DeathsDesign Kobold

    Anti-armor and chops seemed to have been the trick...took about 8 trys but i got it finally :) thanks!!
  5. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    Gaaaaaaaah went back to do the no-death quest and had to run the whole place a few times since I didn't want to waste 15g on re-tries. The last map is more brutal than I remembered, there's absolutely no room to maneuver much and if you get crap cards for first 1-2 turns you are basically screwed and neck deep in burnt bones and yellow slime. Then I just happened to get my best attacks and boiling armors and mass frenzies in a perfect combination on the last run and finished it in three turns flat. Choppin' for 11 x2 with Slicer, Mass Frenzy and Blind Rage all active is nice but can't really rely on getting all of those buffs, and I definitely didn't have that sort of gear the first time around.
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  6. Forduc

    Forduc Orc Soldier

    When doing quests it's easier to just leave the warrior out and rely on mages or lifesucking priests for damage as they have no problems with the armor.

    First time around with 1/1/1 team might be bit more difficult. My advice would be to load warrior with Bludgeons to kill Skeletons fast and give mage few Boiling Armor to deal with the oozes.
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  7. Forduc

    Forduc Orc Soldier

    Few notes after actually doing the low level and 3x Human warrior quest.

    -Puddings won't play Pseudopod Strike or Staggering Chop if you don't have revealed cards. In consequence, armor is usually more harm than help. Just make sure you use your normal moves.
    -Lvl1 warrior with Keen Baselard or two is very very helpfull when dealing with Skeletons. Won't help with Amorphous Body but than again you won't need as many Crushing attacks.
    -Fiery Stab is rather decent, only half of the damage is prevented by Only Bones

    Edit: Troll's Ire is another option, but harder to get and less reliable.

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