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Solo OR Team Based Match ?

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  1. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Hello guys !

    After almost six months have past since the last game tournament we(timeracers and I) are more then happy to announce Bounty-Hunters Tournament on the Saturday, 22nd at 7PM UTC(If you are in New-york it will start 15:00 Which is ideally great time to chill on Cardhunter on Saturday noon and if you are in europe it will be around Evening time which is great time to win some prizes before the week starts).

    You can Always check The Bounty-Hunters event time with your Homeground watch here :'s&iso=20150822T19&p1=1440&ah=4

    The Registerion is going to be open for 14 days until friday 21st 00:00 UTC or until we have 32 players registerd.

    -- Prizes --

    1st Place - 200 Pizza Slices.
    2nd Place - 160 Pizza Slices.
    3rd Place - 80 Pizza slices.
    4th Place - 60 Pizza slices.

    Bounty-Hunters Tournament RULES :

    1. Solo : Solo Style OF Play , more simple to play, to enforce and determine.
    2. Elimination Style : win or go home, on each match 1 player progresses to the next round the other get eliminated.
    3. NO Legendary Item Allowed.
    4. When Match Is Over :
    the team leader/player that win need to send/post here the "Victory" picture(to do so you can easily do it by "prtscn" button on your keyboard and n you need report the game score.

    - Sign Up : every one that wants to sign up need to write here : character class, race, your name here and in-game name.

    *For example*
    Sign Up :
    Forum name : harels84
    Ingame name : harels84

    ROUND 1 Qualify Round - Draws :

    Map : Haunted Hall

    1. VermillionOcean vs. SkdragoN
    2. Latheviosin vs. Pawndawan
    3. Obernoob vs. underscore4more
    4. wavy vs. Blacksabbath
    5. hagr vs. Qivril
    6. rinco69 vs. Randomfactor420
    7. EvilUnicorn vs. pr0phet00
    8. Brishna vs. 6ix.Glockz4Sale
    9. Miraval vs. BORBOROSA
    10. [COLOR=#00b300]Jayseki[/COLOR] vs. [COLOR=#ff0000]Room9[/COLOR]
    11. [COLOR=#00b300]timeracers[/COLOR] vs. ROBORANT
    12. [COLOR=#00b359]ciopo[/COLOR] vs. [COLOR=#ff0000]Dracon Oktaves[/COLOR]

    Round 2 Groups :

    Map :

    Group 1 :
    Winner Game 1, 7, 12.
    Group 2 :
    Winner Game 2, 5, 11.
    Group 3 :
    Winner Game 3,4,9.
    Group 4 :
    Winner Game 6, 8,10.

    Round 3 - Semi Finals :

    Map : Melting Glacier

      • ciopo vs Obernoob
      • timeracers vs Brishna
    Round 4 - Finals :

    Map :
    Summoning Race

      • ciopo vs. Brishna
    Game For 3rd position :

      • timeracers vs. Obernoob
    Tournament Winner's :

    1st place - @Brishna
    2nd place - @ciopo
    3rd place - @Obernoob
    4th place - @timeracers

    Participators : (Closed)

    1. Pawndawan - H\Pr.

    2. Latheviosin - D\Wi.
    3. ciopo - D\Wa.
    4. Obernoob - D\Pr.
    5. wavy - H\Pr.
    6. timeracers - E\Pr.
    7. (Reserved)
    8. Qivril -
    9. 6ix.Glockz4Sale - H\Wa.
    10. Room9.
    11. Blacksabbath.
    12. underscore4more -
    13. pr0phet00 - H\Wi.
    14. SkdragoN.
    15. Brishna.
    16. EvilUnicorn.
    17. ROBORANT
    18. Randomfactor420
    19. melkor unlimited
    21. Miraval
    22. hagr
    23. Jayseki
    24. rinco69

    6. MAPS :
    going to be one of these :
    Haunted Cabin
    Summoning Race
    Haunted Hall
    Woodhome Blizzard
    Ice House

    Melting Glacier

    ** Notes **

    Thanks For the contributers and all the participations. special thanks to timeracers for all the help, organization, question, answers, info and helping methods. we are available timeracers, and i for all of your inquiries.
    Summary :
    You need to be ready and :

    - Sign up on to add your score.
    - Be prepeard to play Several of hours.
    - HAVE FUN !
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  2. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    I want to sign. In order to sign I need to decide which chars I will use? Do I have to submit my items? Can I change items in between? Can I sideboard or something like that?
  3. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    I vote for solo, because the tournament starts @ 22:00 here in Finland and I don't want to be up for the whole night. :)

    Is the one legendary / character or party? If we want to sign up solo, should we post all three characters? Why is character level needed, isn't it forced to lvl 18 to even the playing field?

    Anyways, I think it's a bit unfair to ask us to post / lock our party composition publicly. IMHO it creates a bit of advantage to late comers, who will see what others are going to play.

    Also, I'd like to sign up, once some of the details have been worked out. :)
  4. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Obernoob :
    a. if it will be a solo you dont have to sign up with character,
    b. you dont have to submit your items.
    c. you cant change when the tournament starts.

    Pawndawan :
    a. one legendary item per character.
    b. you sign in with you prefferd character so if it going to be solo you only *revealed* once character.
    c. no character lvl is needed it has been corrected =]
  5. Latheviosin

    Latheviosin Orc Soldier

    Well, I am in, too.
  6. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    So I am in and will add the chars if it is not solo.
  7. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    great guys : just dont forget to sign-in :
    *For example*
    forum name : harels84
    in-game name : harels84
    character class\race : Mage\Huaman.
  8. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Obernoob : you need to add one character only ... its doesnt matters if this solo or team...
  9. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Sign Up :
    Forum name : Pawndawan
    Ingame name : Pawndawan
    Race\Class : Human Priest

    BTW, are the matches best out of one or three?
  10. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    One match elimination style - win or go home =]
    p.s - i added you, you are the first contender =]
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  11. Latheviosin

    Latheviosin Orc Soldier

    Sign Up :
    Forum name : Latheviosin
    Ingame name : Latheviosin
    Race\Class : Dwarf Wizard
  12. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    I'm unclear on a number of things.

    Is there something "Bounty-Hunter" about the tourney, or is it just a cool name?

    Why these numbers? Both are going to result in unfair advantage/disadvantage in an elimination tourny as you'll have to give some players a bye for a round or make some player play twice for a round. Elimination tourneys should always be groups that are powers of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32...)

    So if it's teams is this to 9 players, the first 3 teams, or is it just to the top 3 players (1 team)?

    Are you saying the prizes are yet to be determined and the quality of prize that BM is willing to offer will be based on the number of participants? Can we know what the breakdown is?

    By teams, do you mean co-op? If so, will we pick our teammates or will that be assigned? Will teammates be the same for the whole tourney, or will that rotate. What happens if one player on an assigned team is a no-show?

    Will every match be on the same map later determined, or will each match be on one of this group randomly selected for that specific match?

    I don't think you should require character choice to be locked in before teams are made if it ends up being teams. Teammates should be able to talk amoung themselves to decide what type of build they want and how their characters should work together. So basically until I know who my teammates are, there's no way to no what my character should be.

    Have you calculated how long this will take, are you sure doing it in one straight shot is a good idea? Will matches be going on simultaneously?

    How will this be enforced?
  13. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Scraponi : you made some excellent questions and here are my thoughts :

    1. Bounty-Hunter its for those who search prizes and its a cool name =]
    2. You Right corrected to 32.
    3. if it be a "team" game its going to give reward to every one of the team members if solo only the first 3.
    4. as i said the more participations the far more greater prizes.
    5. maps are going to be diffrent on each stage for example : 1/32 - ice house
    1/16 - woodhome blizzard.
    6. by teams i mean like co-op casual game,in teams mode : every team keeps the same until they losing or winning the finals, teams will be randomely generated to keep good balance between players and For Elfs,Dwarfs,Humans. if one of the teamates no shows the you can find a replacement if that need to be authorized by me.
    7. For the Signup you have a good point but we dont want to make in maps that supports elfs to be an all elfs parties we want to keep the game fairly balanced.
    8. every encounter going to be 20 min. limit so if you make it to the finals its going to take you about 120 min thats it 2 hours so its not bad even if still i consider the time that will take to post results, pictures and etc. its going to be about no more then 3 hours.
    9. Moderator can easily look at the battlelog and see which items every player used.

    hopes it helps,
  14. Fry

    Fry Ogre

    I am hearing blaring warning sirens in my head from reading harels84's posts. This "tournament" sounds like it's going to be rigged.

    - players have to sign up with what character(s) they're going to play
    - "Team" tournament, but harels gets to pick the teams?
    - harels is going to choose maps based on what characters people signed up with
    - trying to enforce some kind of character "balance," based on unknown criteria?
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  15. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Thanks for the reply! That clears some things up, but I do have a few more thoughts:
    This works great for solo. But if you go for teams of 3 you're either going to need 24 players for eight teams, or 48 players for sixteen teams. Interestingly, if you do teams of 2, 32 players still works.

    Will players be allowed to switch equipment/and or composition for each stage? Again how will this be enforced.

    But randomly generated teams could end up with all elf parties for one group and not for another (not sure what's wrong with elves, or if you should be trying to prevent certain comps as a tourney leader). Or it could end up with 3 players planning to bring a support priest and now they're stuck with each other. I think randomly generated is good, but once that happens, players need to be able to at that point decide on their make up depending on what items/builds their teammates can put together.

    The battle log records cards played, but not what items they came from. The only time the item is made known is when the card is shown on screen in the animation of it being played. So unless you're getting enough judges to watch 16 simultaneous matches in the first round....
  16. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Thaumaturge

    So let me see if I am getting this.

    There is a tournament. You have received confirmation from BM that you will be given prizes to destribute for it. There will be 32 entries to this contest - though I can't tell if that means 32 players or 32 teams; is it possible to have 96 total players (if everyone joined a team of 3)? Or if the max # of people teamed up, with that result in a maximum of 10 teams of three and two teams of one?

    I really like the idea of a co-op tournament, but it seems a bit weird to me that you won't be able to select your character or your team. Additionally, the methodology for checking again for the use of multiple legendary items per character seems really... I don't know, potentially problematic? Unless you have 16 on moderators checking in on every game as they're going on simultaneously, you're not going to be able to actually confirm any of that, and there still a chance that multiple legendaries would not come up in a way that actually revealed their presence.

    That said, I hope it does work out. I'll keep an eye out in the future, and might even sign up.
  17. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    I'm also curious about this...
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  18. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Thanks for your response guys,

    Scarponi :
    1. if it be decided to be a co-op team tournament its going to be raised for 36 players or lowered to 24, if it will be raised some teams will get a BYE ticket for the first round.
    2. no every player have to play with the same items for the whole tournament, one map advantage and other disadvantage items.
    3. by what i mean in randomly generated is that everyteam will be generated in one Dwarf, One Elf, One Human if will be missing players will have to replace their chosen characters and if after that it will be still missing we will try to make it balanced.
    4. we get about 30 min before the tournament starts to talk to each other, ill be battle loged to all the encounters and if some players will say something suspicious the BM could always check it.

    Inkfingers :
    read the instructions, i write 32 players not teams but if we will get 96 ill be more then glad to manage the tournament, you will be able to choose your characters but not your teammates thats diffrent.

  19. ciopo

    ciopo Orc Soldier

    Sign Up :
    Forum name : ciopo
    Ingame name : ciopo
    Race\Class : dwarf warrior

    question : is there going to be a waiting list for reserve players if for any reason one of the partecipant won't be able to be online for the first round ?
  20. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    yes ciopo is going to be a waiting list.
    And i signed you in.

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