Boulder to the Rescue

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    I'm looking for any advice or criticism to this scenario (or any my other scenarios).

    Boulder to the Rescue

    Nob has locked himself in the pantry. Generally this would be fine but due to heavy rain the pantry has flooded. Lord Stafford has only just returned from CryptCo with his new boulder. He could never reach the door in time. Can you help rescue Nob?

    In this scenario your draws are fixed.

    upload_2022-2-3_16-23-17.png upload_2022-2-3_16-23-56.png

    Nob thanks you for his rescue. Even if you firestorm him on a regular basis.

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    Hilarious. $X^ b
  3. Gast86

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    10 tries in and I haven't solved it yet. I'm probably missing something.

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