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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by ClimbHigh, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. ClimbHigh

    ClimbHigh Mushroom Warrior

    There are quite a few cards that I believe is overvalued. This thread try to list them, so that we see more play time for them. Since they are over valued, the items that contains them are rarely used.

    Acrobatic flip (Gold): It is not even as good as Hard to Pin (Silver).
    Suggestion: add Draw a card​

    Def. Block (Gold): While it does has a surprise element and can be useful for some niche build, it is not much better than other general blocks
    Suggestion: add Draw a card​

    Advanced Training (Gold): real bad card, a slight surprise element & no card advantage
    Suggestion: add Roll 4+, no need to discard the card​

    Lets add your cards, and their respective improvement
  2. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

    The devs have spent a lot of time rebalancing cards to reign in card draw chains. I really don't think adding card draws to existing cards is a good idea. It will just create new problems. If you want to improve these cards, lower the trigger number.

    Def Block and Acrobatic Flip are ok block cards. The main reason we don't see them more often is that Parry and Hard to Pin are just too good. Items with the latter two are also easier to get.

    Advanced Training ... That one is kind of hopeless. I'm not sure how to fix it in any other way than adding an extra card draw. Removing the discard is very bad, we don't want players to double Resistant Hides or Short Perplexing Rays with it.
    You could make it a cantrip or add Step 1, but even then it would be niche at best.
  3. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    If that were to happen, I would make a toy build just so that I could toss an Almighty Hack across the battlefield to my beleaguered wizard for a KO. :D
  4. jday

    jday Mushroom Warrior

    Barge, soothing darkness, stuck arrow, surging block, enchanted harness, flight aura, arcane aura/shell, and the entire bash series are cards that could also use a look.

    For acrobatic flip I would suggest something more extreme: keep the existing component, then add draw and discard until you draw an attack card and play that immediately vs the attacker (cantrip). Perhaps rename to riposte.

    For soothing darkness/stuck arrow removing the encumber effect would make them both desirable. I like the flavor of these cards, but for most situations besides elves these become somewhat unplayable.

    I don't know how to fix surging block relative to hard to pin down.

    Enchanted harness seems good at first glance, but compare two of those vs two reliable mail - it's hard to get them to full strength with a 2 card hand limit. My suggestion for this is a change to all harness type armors to be similar to officer harness but add a new max hand limit (including harnesses) at end of turn to 3 or 4 to prevent stacking too many of them.

    Perhaps auras could fit in the same slot as harnesses in terms of hand limits. Compare frenzy aura on a minor token martial skill with impaling stab. You will need to succeed on 2 or 3 attacks with the frenzy aura to make it a better deal than the stab. Often it can be triggered at range before your first attack. The lack of the keep keyword creates a situation where you generally want the armor roll to fail and that synergizes badly with the harness cards. I would suggest making auras only trigger on attacks that are 7 or more damage (or any bash) as the idea presumably represents getting hit hard disrupts your aura.

    I have tried stacking bashes for extra damage and it does not compete with bludgeons at all. I would suggest adding unblockable by parry/weak parry to all bashes. Other options to balance include:
    add the +2 bonus from bash to the able, strong, and powerful variants.
    increase bash damage across the board by 1 or 2 points.
    add other effects that only bash disrupts (such as auras)
  5. YoYoTheAssyrian

    YoYoTheAssyrian Mushroom Warrior

    +1 on making the training cards cantrips. They're absolutely useless now, adding that would at least give them tactical viability. Admittedly niche viability, but it would encourage some of less seen helms.
  6. Aquillion

    Aquillion Kobold

    I like the idea of training cards being cantrips. It's a simple change that probably wouldn't break anything; they wouldn't be amazing, but they'd at least be usable.

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