Allowing More PvP Per Day - A Different Look

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by kardnel, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. kardnel

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    I still can't tell if people are being patronizing when saying that or if they are serious :) Based on the posted numbers both weekly and daily almost everyone stops after 20 games. So while you can say that sure people technically can play more... they basically won't/aren't.
  2. Pengw1n

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    There is no cap in MP - there is rather a bonus ladder to make people play more. In truth the cap is in SP, as when an adventure is completed - you can't replay it until the reset . You're using statements to validate your own playstyle, as you can continue to play in MP endlessly, just not as rewarding as when on the ladder.
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  3. Its an efficiency cap. And of course I'm using statements to validate my own playstyle, its a style I'm defending. Singleplayer farming is more efficient overall period. The gap between how efficient it is should be narrowed in my opinion.
  4. Forduc

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    No quote, just rather limited data of 18 chest. Rather unlikely that they all happened to have extra uncommon, but not definitive.
  5. Andrew Talbot

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    Am I to assume you have some actual math/data gathered that can back this up or can we ignore it due to you choosing not to back up your claims? I'm not trying to be an ass here but you're displaying very obstinate behavior and ignoring hard data for supposition.

    I think this has less to do with the rewards than the time invested. Just getting to 20 is already very demanding on many people's play times. Given that average times seem to be 4-6 hours, a player may not have the time to do more just for the chances at items they need. So while MP is better than SP for item quality, a few percentage points chance at an item likely isn't worth the invested time. You can look at it as getting an extra four legendaries a week for 25 hours a week vs. five or maybe six for 50 hours.
  6. Forduc

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    That seems to be the point of the system. Keep people coming back for their daily fix, while limiting actual impact on servers and stuff. While it is huge mental barrier to continue beyond 20 wins, there isn't any actual limitation.

    Probably not the highest concern. Worst thing that could happen is that it goes overboard and people start figuring out fastest ways to farm MP (tip: playing many matches is more important than winning) Might not hurt any "MP-player", but will surely drive away any new players that try MP.

    And item farmers can choose the optimal way as it is, nothing limiting them to MP
  7. I'm going to stop responding to you after this, because you have this tendency to personalize everything while trolling or just being overly aggressive for no reason and bringing in ad hominems, but I will respond this one last time.

    Why do you need evidence for something that is clear to anyone? MP is less efficient than singleplayer for farming after your purple chest. I'm not wrong. That's just a matter of reason. You can test it yourself, very easily, or alternatively just think about it.

    Singleplayer lets you firestorm/nimbus anything you want in 30sec-5 mins (assuming something horrible). MP games can take up to 40 mins long. SP gives you more loot, tailored to the level of the map (meaning you can control the loot you get). You don't need "hard data" to figure that out.
  8. Andrew Talbot

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    Unfortunately people take criticism when they put forth ideas a variety of different ways. Trivializing the efforts of gathered data by hand-waving it away for some sort of gut-feeling reasoning does no one any good, you or other posters.I ask for data because it can be examined and conclusions drawn from something tangible.

    What you feel is personal is nothing of the sort. From my viewpoint I'm wondering why one would choose to not back one's claim(s) up if the data is so easily acquired. From my side of the discussion I provided proof of my claims and pointed out the original chest formula (the original poster even said guesswork) estimates that are bandied about as fact in this thread for item percentages is inherently flawed. Unfortunately, the data garnered so far does not support the stance that MP is behind SP and, in fact, is ahead of it in item quality as another poster stated earlier. He didn't check the math, I did, simple enough.

    While MP games could theoretically take a long amount of time, reading the various threads give around a 10-15 minute average. I personally must have been extremely lucky because I encountered noticeably lower times (6-8 mins), but I set aside personal views if they don't fit the data, hence why I accept the higher numbers from other posters as the average.

    So, in conclusion, again if you want item numbers go SP, if you want quality then MP outstrips SP pretty effectively even at 4-5:1 game odds.

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