Abusing Avenging Touch... by abusing my own characters

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    Experimental build. No rating record yet. Uploading by KaraKonjuul's request.

    Level 23 Elf Warrior
    Rageblood Dagger
    Rageblood Dagger
    Vibrant Pain - Mandatory on Showroom Showdown.
    Could possibly be swapped on another map rotation, but still likely to be the best choice as the sheer mobility lets me counteract blocks and control spells.​
    Sharp Shell
    Aegis Of The Defender - Since I'm mostly not relying on blocks, might as well protect the priests.
    Croker's Lucky Laser Shield could provide another Lifesaving Block if things like All Out Attack were to become popular.​
    Fool's Coif - Still my favorite item.
    I know it's got a dead card against melee, but given how often armor ends up being ineffective, I'm really trading a dead card for another, which isn't half bad.​
    Bloome's Barging Boots
    Cautious Mobility
    Delicate Dervish

    Level 1 Dwarf Priest

    Level 18 Human Priest

    I always thought of Avenging Touch as a potent card, but being a Simple Strike in 1v1 situations was problematic even when buffed. A lot of its problems only became solved when I've built my characters with the intention of playing it exclusively on my own characters.

    For one thing, I could buff it not only through Frenzy, but also through Raging Strike and Vulnerable for much greater healing effect. With only 3 points of heal, playing Avenging Touch in this way was ineffective. After all, when is the last time you've seen someone playing Light Heal? Never, I guess. But Greater Heal you could see any day. Consistently healing for 5 to 8, and potentially more, turned out to be very good.

    I chose a Step attack warrior as my healee. With the amount of Frenzy available, and with the heals allowing her to act recklessly, she could singlehandedly destroy the enemy team.

    For another thing, without the need to play Avenging Touches on my foe, I no longer had to get next to them. I could as well have stayed back and burfft.

    At first, I had considered Impenetrable Nimbus for protecting the human priest. But being unable to play Avenging Touches for the rest of the round didn't sound so great, so I turned to Empty Palm spam.
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