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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Nero313, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Nero313

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    I wanted to come in here and say a few kind things about the game. This is a very well made game. The concept of mixing traditional board-games with D & D style card action shows great skill in it's execution. Well done. The campaign and story line was humorous; although a bit short. I also like the non casino options for purchasing gear. This makes advancing faster and keeps characters on track.

    I'm sure there are a few other things that can be said; but why should I say it all.
    Feel free to share kind words too.

    So, Thanks for the well made game.


    BORINGO Kobold

    So well made that you get bored looking for free casual players... Interesting!
  3. BUSSM1593

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  4. Christofff

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    The fact that there is less multiplayer at times is becoming a concern. Yesterday I saw four ranked games going on and waited 15mins for a QD game.
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  5. quixote

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    It looks like a well made game, but it isn't. Worst thing about it... developers know it.
  6. Nero313

    Nero313 Mushroom Warrior

    I think you may have missed to point of the post quixote. It also appears that no one has anything nice to say.
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  7. zuzzu

    zuzzu Kobold

    I love the game too because it's relaxing to play and it's possible to try many different strategies. And since I like collectables, it really fits in this category too. TBH I have to agree in part with Quixote, as the game is sure flawed, but what game isn't?
    On the plus side, this game have a lot of potential, if developed in even different ways: imagine it as an alternative MMORPG, that'll be very cool!
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  8. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    If the point of the post was positive, I certainly missed it. It appeared to me to be simple trolling. If I was mistaken, I apologize, but if you don't like the game, why hang around and complain? I've tried many other games, and if I didn't like them, I just moved on to something else. If no one else likes them, the game will shut down. If they have a a large enough group who support the game, they'll keep going. I have better things to do with my time than hang around a game I don't like and complain that it isn't what I want.
    @BORINGO - I'm a campaign player and have no interest in casual games. I know some people like them, and I hope they can find others who feel the same, but I don't think anyone should try to compel people to do things they have no interest in. I suggest that if you join a guild and present your request to other members of your guild as a means of honing your skills or testing a build, you might get more takers. I'm not a guild member, so I might be wrong about this, but I think it might be worth a shot.
    @quixote - I know there are problems with memory leak in SP and the mixed modes of animations. I'd be interested in knowing what other flaws you've found. PM me if you like. I haven't actually built games since the 80's and 90's (adventure games and some assembly language Player/Missile types. Trying to handle sprites in Borland Turbo C on Amiga kicked my butt, and the 1st Gulf War and marriage kinda took me out of the game development thing altogether. Still, I'd be interested in knowing your observations if you have the time and patience. Never to old too learn until you're dead.
    As for myself, I'm hooked on this game, and have been for 5 years now. I've seen many players leave and return, and believe there must be a reason for that. @Jarmo , @Oberon , @Scared Little Girl, @Pengwin , @Scarponi , @Flaxative , and numerous others taught me a lot about how this game works. (I'd never played a CCG before, and I think the concept of items rather than just cards is a HUGE advance of the concept.) Thanks to this great and friendly community for helping one another.
    I think credit should go (perhaps indirectly) to the devs for creating a game that attracted such a player base.
    Good Hunting!
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  9. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I think this game is crazy good if it can keep people like cerveza around and me. We seem to have two totally different gameplay approaches. I almost never play single player. Haven't fairy hunted in years. Still haven't beat CoC. But I'm crazy about multiplayer.
    I'm just wondering how much more Sir veza will like the game once he finally discovers multiplayer.
  10. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I played MP for a while, thinking I could learn to like it. Never did.

    I'm don't really care to play CoC (or Mauve Manticores), but I'm glad we have them because many people do enjoy them. I suspect many designers enjoy building MMs more than playing them, and there is nothing wrong with that. Creating is often its own best reward.

    I've had a couple of conversations since my previous post in regard to the player reporting system and how it can be, and allegedly has been, abused. I can certainly see the potential for it, but since I don't spend much time on chat or PvP I have little first hand knowledge. Are some elements of the community driving others out? I believe in having standards of conduct (i.e. "play nice"), but standards should be published before being enforced. (Put up speed limit signs before setting up a speed trap.)

    I see vulgar, abusive, or profane language to be out of bounds. Disagreement with your personal point of view is not an offense. I'm not volunteering the write the standards, though. This really isn't a problem in the campaign.
  11. Nero313

    Nero313 Mushroom Warrior

    You missed the point, I was very clear in my post. It appears you are harassing me, you follow all my post just to "like" anyone that opposes my opinion. I have no idea what a "troll" is and i don't care. Sir Veza you took a post that was meant to talk about what people like about the game and twisted to your hate filled thoughts. It is not my fault that the players did not post. Even You!, Sir Veza, show nothing but the desire to SH IT on people for whatever reason you can. "Claiming I play campaign" so you have some right to speak about pvp? If you don't play it, shut up. I do not believe that you are an a campaign only player. You have more than one account.... I think you lost your free pizza and are mad about it.

    I also could not help but notice that all of your "friends" you made 5 yrs ago and none since then. Are you only friends with people who "show you how to play games"? That is how a child thinks. Grow up...

    A word to Flaxative... I posted to help make the game more inclusive and profitable. It is clear that this game could have been a big money maker. Who has given a reason as to why they play? No one, think about that for a bit. I at least gave you my thoughts and it seems that unless it's praise you are not interested. It seems that Jon and you go out of your way to keep the game in chaos. No respect to the player base. Jon won't even reply to most problems that is reported and refuses to complete any conversation. This Fear and Disrespect does hurt your bottom line.
    Why would any game maker spend so much time involving themselves in player pvp issues instead of finishing the campaign map (something that would make you money!)?
    Most of the issues could be solved without personal intervention from people who don't know how to handle people.

    Nothing is more evident that you are not capable to handling people issues. Ignoring some players and encouraging other players to harass is disgusting. You guys are better than decent game makers but absolutely blind to people. People skills are learned over long periods of time, it is also the reason profitable companies hire customer service people (soft skill pros). They understand that people are different and excel at different skills. These companies see there customers are all different too and why would they seek to ban a paying customer? That's insane! Soft Skill pros understand there is no such thing as 1 and 0. People are not basic like programs, therefor those who see the world in 1 and 0 normally has no soft skills. Not every person was pampered and given a fair shake in life... expecting them to see it your way with no reasoning is just insulting.

    There is a very flawed idea that if a game is not like it will shut down.. that is a child-like way of looking at it. People will do things that hurt and diminish themselves. Play games that are harmful.
    I honestly don't care about you Sir Veza; you jump to conclusions with no evidence just to make yourself look better. There are better ways to improve ones standing, playing a game will never make you a better person. In fact studies are show the opposite.

    This post was meant to show people what is fun about the game. If I wanted to state other I would have. I do find it disheartening that this post was drawn so far off it's purpose.
  12. Nero313

    Nero313 Mushroom Warrior

    Thanks for the comment and input.
  13. Nero313

    Nero313 Mushroom Warrior

    Thanks for the comment.

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